The 10 Iconic Moments in the Manchester City's History

By Guest writer, Thu 11 August 2022 14:10

The 10 Iconic Moments in the Manchester City's History 

16 April 1894 marks the historical transformation of St. Mark’s football into Manchester City, and the Citizens lay their tools down every year to commemorate this day. The football club happens to have the most intriguing story in the history of English football. Often falling short and devising new ways to disappoint its fan base, the club took a historic turn when Sheikh Mansour took over the reins and transformed it into one of the most fantastic and feared football clubs. Undoubtedly, the Citizens have had several great moments and are still hoping for many more to come. While supporting your football club, you can have a great time placing bets or playing online pokies at Joe Fortune. Below are the ten most remarkable moments in the history of the Citizens.

  • Bert Trautmann Champions in the FA Cup Final with a broken neck (1956)

Manchester City’s fan base showed open discontentment in 1949 after signing former prisoner-of-war Bert Trautmann. However, his invincible skills allowed the club to face Birmingham City in the 1956 FA Cup final, in which he broke his neck during the 75th minute. The misfortune did not keep the player down; instead, he pushed to complete the match earning City a clean win and their third FA Cup.

  • Earning A Second League Title (1968)

After the relegation of The Sky Blues, their future seemed dismal, with a depressing crowd of 8,015 at Maine Road to witness the First Division match against Swindon. Two years later, Malcolm Allison and Joe Mercer’s appointment as the club’s management led the team to win the Division Two title during their first season. The Citizens got their second First Division title two seasons later after defeating Newcastle 4-3, piping Manchester United.

  • Taking Home the European Cup Winner’s Cup (1970)

Following the historic FA Cup win, City took the Cup winner’s Cup after crushing Gornik of Poland 2-1 in Vienna. They also celebrated victory after winning the League Cup, becoming the second English side to claim a European trophy in the same season.

  • Annihilating Manchester United 5-1 in 1989

Earlier it would have been difficult to picture that United supporters would ever chant ‘Fergie out’ at the star that transformed the club into the team they are today, but surprisingly, that took place after the ‘Maine Road Massacre. City humiliated their rivals thanks to the remarkable goals from a David Oldfield double, Trevor Morely, Andy Hinchcliffe, and Ian Bishop. While it may have been their last victory for 13 years, the fans present that day will never forget the moment they slaughtered their greatest nemesis.

  • The Premier League Return Due To Successive Promotions (1999 & 2000)

City was at its lowest point when it won the European trophy. However, manager Joe Royle earned them a promotion at their first attempt after an impressive playoff victory over Gillingham. The brilliant season thanks to striker Shaun Goater gave the Citizens a second successive promotion back to the Premier League.

  • Sheikh Mansour Completes The Club’s Buy-out (2008)

It is not hyperbole that the club struggled with financial issues until Sheikh Mansour’s arrival on 31 August 2008. Since then, the Citizens have won three League Cups, three Premier League titles, an FA Cup, and signed extraordinary players like Sergio Aguero and David Silva.

  • Acquiring the FA Cup (2011)

16 April 2011 was a historic day for City after they defeated Manchester United 1-0, proving that the ‘noisy neighbors’ were there to stay. Yaya Toure gave City the winning goal against Stoke City, which was a catalyst for the club’s current success.

  • The Great Win, 6-1 at Old Trafford (2011)

Manchester City marched into Old Trafford and thoroughly beat their biggest nemesis’ in their backyard. The Red Devils faced absolute humiliation after the Premier League defeat, while the ‘noisy neighbors’ sent a clear statement that they were aiming to become Manchester’s new kings.

  • Aguero Does It! (2012)

The club was desperate for victory against 17th placed QPR to get their third league title; however, when Jamie Mackie put Rangers 2-1 up, it seemed over for City. But the equalizer from Edin Dzeko and a decisive goal from Aguero in the 95th minute stole the title from the Red Devils’ noses. It became an iconic moment in Manchester City’s and Premier League’s history.

  • Winning the League With 100 Points

Manchester City’s fan base was positive that Pep Guardiola would make a change after joining English football, but only a few could predict that The Sky Blues would dominate the entire season. In addition to their historic football records, City was the first side in English football history to win with 100 points and a score of 106 goals. Guardiola raised the bar and does not plan to back down soon.