City lining up move for Reece Oxford?

By Guest writer, Tue 22 March 2016 12:09

City lining up move for Reece Oxford?Rumours linking West Ham youngster with a move to The Etihad

Whenever there is a ripple on the surface of the pond, you can be almost sure that there's something moving beneath it. The same goes with football transfer rumors: whenever they appear, there's most likely at least a grain of truth behind them. And rumors we do have enough. The latest one is about Reece Oxford, the wonder boy of West Ham United, who might be a target for a transfer to Manchester City.

The rumor first appeared on ESPN FC, who cited "sources" talking about the Sky Blues' increased interest in the talented youngster. It seems that the player is very sought after. Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United are said to keep tabs on him, but West Ham is still hesitating to sell him. City is reportedly determined to grab the youngster before all rivals, though, and have him strengthen the ranks of its own youth team in preparation for Guardiola's arrival.

Manchester City has made no secret of their intention to develop their own players. To this end, they have launched the City Football Academy in 2014, which has cost them 200 million pounds. The CFA, across the road from the Etihad Stadium, has the biggest artificial indoor pitch of the United Kingdom. "The cornerstone of the future, was a vision for youth development and sustainability; a vision to educate talented young footballers on and off the pitch and to do so in a facility supported by the best coaches and coaching programmes. The vision was underpinned by an unwavering commitment to the regeneration of the local area in both economic and environmental terms," City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak said at the opening ceremony. And educate talented young footballers - and attract more of them to their side - is exactly what they are doing.

But things are not as peachy as they seem at first sight. While you were away to play at Red Flush online casino Canada, some of the "talented young footballers" being developed at the CFA have second thoughts on signind their scholarship deals. Apparently, five of the 11 under-16 players offered scholarship deals have not signed, as they fear that there will be no place for them to progress at the club.

The current selection of 11 is considered the best one to emerge from the CFA in the last couple of years, with a perfect record this season. City's U16 has faced Manchester United earlier this month, and has beaten the team 4-2. No wonder the Sky Blues would rather see them on their side.