What You Need To Know About In Play Betting Apps

By Guest writer, Wed 16 March 2016 16:46

What You Need To  Know About In Play Betting AppsHints and tips to get the most out of betting on matches

Sports have always been a great source of entertainment. People form an emotional bond with certain teams, as we do for Man City. They have such tremendous belief in these teams that they bet large sums on the likelihood that they would win. Let us take football as an example. The game is always in the papers given the high amount of interest in the sport. Betting on matches is a popular activity. Bets are usually locked and loaded way before the start of a match. Now, however, there is a new way of doing things called in play betting with apps like that of William Hill’s downloadable app leading the charge.

The Unpredictability of Football

As the name suggests, this kind of betting happens during the match itself. The odds change from one minute to the next depending on what is happening on the field. Football is particularly suited to this type of live betting because it is just so unpredictable. You might think that you know the outcome already but strange things can happen that could dramatically alter the result. It is what keeps the audience hooked on the game. Matches, like the one between Man City vs Dynamo Kiev, are often tightly contested in the first half while both sides are still fresh and able to defend the goal well. Tiredness in the second half makes it a different story.

Add to the Excitement

This type of betting keeps fans on their toes the whole time. There is never a dull moment because you are constantly analyzing what could happen next. The dynamic odds make it more exciting to make bets. Those who can master it can earn great rewards for their efforts. A comprehensive list of in play sports betting apps can be selected at Sportsbets4free.co.uk, who offer the latest best offers, reviews, download guides and so much more for the sport enthusiast.

Momentum Change in an Instant

Several things can happen mid-game. Someone could commit a foul close to the goal which provides the other team an opportunity for a free kick. A score of 1-0 can then suddenly be tied with the momentum shifting in a snap. A player may be shown a yellow or even a red card that would cripple the team with fewer men on the field. The star player might go down because of an injury and need to be substituted. A corner kick might lead to a sneaky header that the goalkeeper can't stop. It is these possibilities that keep the game fun to watch no matter what the score might be.

In Play Betting Basics

In play betting apps let you view the game statistics as well as the odds for certain events. For example, you will be able to see which team currently has possession. These will show how far they are able to push the ball to their opponent's territory. Even if the score is tied, the percentage of possessions, number of attacks, corner kicks, goal attempts, and so on will indicate which side is likely to score eventually. Make bets on the final score, total goals, next team to score, etc. The odds for each of these will keep shifting depending on the time remaining and the complexion of the game.