The Solid Changes That Guardiola Made In Man City

By Guest writer, Tue 13 July 2021 11:14

The Solid Changes That Guardiola Made In Man City 

Even though Manchester City was on a solid path even before Pep Guardiola came into the club, there's no denying the fact that this mastermind of a coach managed to revolutionize the Citizens. Ever since he was appointed as manager, Manchester City has climbed to a whole new level and is now one of the best teams in the world.

Yes, many doubted him after he had a rocky first season, but Pep managed to prove everyone wrong as he went on a massive streak and won several trophies in just a few years. The only thing that he’s missing is the Champions League, but we have no doubt that he will win that too.

Speaking of Pep Guardiola and the impact he had on the club, we wanted to share a few solid changes that he made and thus, allowed City to be one of the best teams. Let’s check the details.

Growth in Fan Base and Influence

Ever since Pep Guardiola took over, the number of Man City fans has been on the rise and that allowed the club to influence other industries, one of which is the online casino industry. Here’s how.

Research has shown that many football and Manchester City fans are fond of playing casino games at reputable operators such as Casimba, which is why game providers started creating and supplying online casinos with various slots and virtual sports games with Manchester City as the main theme.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that these games have proven to be very successful as casino gamers love them. They come in HD graphics and fantastic gameplay, which is no wonder why they were well-accepted.

Pleasant and Quality Football

Pep Guardiola is well-known for his football knowledge, which is why he has been able to outsmart every other manager and help his team be victorious. Not only that, but his style of play is something that is worth watching as it is very pleasant.

There are a lot of passes included and thanks to the fact that Guardiola was able to bring some of the best players at the club, they had no problem adapting to its style of play. Yes, the fact that Aguero left the club after 10 years is a bit sad, and Guardiola knew how important he is, but we have no doubt that he will find a solid replacement. The good thing is that he does not want to just spend large sums on anyone, he is patient and wants someone that is affordable and has certain qualities.

More Competition in the Premier League

Up until several years ago, the competition in the Premier League was high, but we all knew who the top-ranked teams were. Pep Guardiola managed to change all of that. By lifting the standards in the league, he made it far more competitive, and that is something that all football fans are grateful for.

Higher competition means more upsets, close title races, fantastic matches, is something that football fans are looking forward to. Just take a look at the past 2 seasons and you will get a good sense of what we are talking about.