How Man City Could Line Up Next Season

By Guest writer, Mon 05 July 2021 15:35

How Man City Could Line Up Next Season 

Pep Guardiola has made it his top priority for the next season at Manchester City, to find a striker and hit the targets for another Premier League glory, and a Champions League too. While it was almost in sight this past season, with the focus on a striker, Guardiola believes it is possible.

You can look at the latest football odds and see how likely it is for these transfers to happen, while it is ahead of the transfer season, football fans find that guessing on the following players for positions at future spots in teams, is very entertaining indeed.

Guardiola’s side have managed to win their third Premier League title within four years running, and while they did happen to reach a Champions League title within their grasp, Chelsea managed to pull through and take it for themselves. It certainly would make the next goal for Manchester City to set for themselves nevertheless, and have something to aim for and stay motivated. Guardiola is set on massively elevating his legacy at the Etihad Stadium, and within European football as a whole. Many believe he will be judged rather harshly, if he happens not to win the European cup at least once within his career. Therefore, he cannot afford to take his eyes off of the ball for that very reason, as the competition from other teams and their recent signings will certainly make the goal and aim of a high season end next year even harder.

Chelsea have managed to beat City up to three times due to the addition of Thomas Tuchel in the last passing season. The champions Liverpool also seek to reclaim the trophy with their powerful squad too. Manchester United believe to have solidified their quality and have celebrated the recent signing of Jadon Sancho, meaning City have very much got it from all corners in terms of their chances of winning. Manchester United do hope to end their 8 year long wait for the Premier League title too, so it certainly will be a very competitive battle ahead for City.

Who will City sign this summer?

After the successful season, many people are wondering who will be signed by City within the next transfer season. With Aguero having left and finished his season with city on a high, it is imperative that Guardiola happens to replace the striker moving forward, despite City happening to have a heavy centre forward in the last campaign. Nevertheless, a striker will definitely guarantee to make the big difference and edge that City are looking for. Nevertheless, City have managed to win many of their games last season with ruthless endings and huge margins consistently.

City is believed to really be edging towards signing the 20-year old Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland. He is argued to be the world's current most favoured signing, so if City really do want to go after him, they certainly need to dig deep into their pockets to make it happen, won't they? Bundesliga have confirmed however that Haaland will not be going anywhere this summer, meaning City will need to drift away from this idea for now, but fans never know for the future, or next transfer window for that matter.

Harry Kane for now has been the most promising striker of the Premier League to date. In fact, he has managed to make it super clear that he is beyond silverware in Tottenham, and essentially, he really is going for the gold here. For that reason, it is believed that a £150 million deal is being discussed for after the Euros comes to an end. Prying him away from Spurs however, will definitely not be an easy task, as he has 3-years left on his contract. This would suggest again that Manchester City will need to dig deep into their pockets to make this happen.

Other hopefuls for the season to come include Atletico Madrid’s Joao Felix, Eintracht Frankfurt’s Andre Silva and Inter’s Lautaro Martinez are possible hopefuls moving forward, but until now it has been just pure speculation for the time being. There is a slim possibility for the moment that City may cancel a signing for a striker all together, with the almost as good as signing of the Aston Villa Jack Grealish. However, no signings will be done and dusted until the Euros have completed, and the dust settles from that European Championship.

For newcomers to be fully considered, Manchester City must also consider who they wish to sell this summer. For the time being, it is believed that City will be able to generate large cash flow from the sales of players like Jack Harrison to Leeds United, Pedro Porro to Spain International, with other players given out for loan only.

Manchester City Line-up 2021-22

Manchester City’s defence is fairly on point from last summer, due to the arrival of Dias, who has made Laporte and Joao Cancelo have to put up a fair fight for their positions on the team, especially if Kane and Grealish are to be on board with the team in the next season. They will be fighting for a place on the team pretty much. This will also leave a huge battle for other positions such as starting spots-even the untouchables such as Kevin De Bruyne for example. Other players such as Foden, Sterling, Mahrez and Bernardo would all be fighting away too for their spots, if they all were to stay alongside the new signings too. Guardiola will have a super hard time when it comes to selecting from all the talented players that make up his team right now, without considering the possible newcomers.