MCFC training report 25/11/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 25 November 2011 13:01

MCFC training report 25/11/2011

Apologies for missing training yesterday but a bad attack of gout left me unable to walk (pause for sympathy). Bit better today so off I hobbled to see that the fences are going up quickly now and the pitch nearest Sale Sharks is now 3/4 covered but at least as yet only with the stuff ladders can see over. Work was going on as they trained to finish off the bases for the fence posts so I expect one more week maximum before even ladders won't help.

All out today, 20 players, including Owen H and the return of Razak and before they got going Bridge and Nedum were called over from what was already a small reserves group. Jogging followed by lots of stretches and then plenty of simple but effective routines involving passing and touch.

Mancini then took a team away for some work on shape,passing movements and some defensive work. Jeremy Helan was called in as a left footer to help with delivering set pieces. Then the boss switched to a different 11 and went through basically the same work. While this was going on the other group played a pass/move game before they all got back together for the final game.

That was when I bottled it.It was freezing cold ,getting windier by the minute and even starting to rain. I decided enough was enough on one leg :) I think some of the players might have liked to finish as well judging by the amount of extra clothing some had on.Best was Silva wearing his snood more as a turban.Others would have looked silly but he was still class.