​Blackjack Gives Fantasy Football a Winning Edge

By Guest writer, Fri 13 November 2015 09:26

​Blackjack Gives Fantasy Football a Winning EdgeThere are fantasies with imaginations bigger than reality and then there is one that only a true sports fan can appreciate; Fantasy Football

There are fantasies with imaginations bigger than reality and then there is one that only a true sports fan can appreciate; Fantasy Football.

It is one of the hottest online trends these days and a growing number of people are playing it. For those that don’t, some think it’s composed of a certain group like Star Wars fans, but the reality is, most are average football fans that enjoy the game. Fantasy football is here to stay as it continues to grow by leaps and bounds as favorite pastime and hobby. The majority of folks are NFL fans who enjoy the added action on the weekends.

Generally, the fantasy football league consists of 12 teams of which are NFL players that are drafted before the NFL season is underway. The league sets the draft order and owners fill their roster. Another way is through auction where teams bid on players in a draft.

In the roster, the number may vary consisting of a quarterback, two running backs, two receivers, a tight end, kicker and team defense. The rest of the roster is comprised of bench spots. The owner assigns a team a name that can based something personal, correlate with current events or anything else that imagination can drum up. Clever or unique team names can win digital league trophies for the owner including sports writers compiling their own personal favorites each year.  

With the start of each new season gamblers are anxious to choose the best fantasy football league. Depending on who you ask, everyone has their own theories of conquering the fantasy successfully.

The scoring system is composed of a baseline of point values keeping balance across all positions. Player collect points based on their statistical output for the most part earning points for passing, rushing, and receiving yards.

The kicker can score touchdown points or yards rushed and received but accumulate the most points through field goals.  Points are also earned for turnovers, quarterback sacks, safeties, and blocked kicks. and by limiting the offensive points of the opposing teams. Just as points are awarded to players the can also be taken away for negative plays such as turnovers or missed kicks.

Boost Your Winning Potential Using Blackjack Skills

Sounds farfetched using Blackjack skills to gain that winning edge to fantasy football?  Though each game is quite different there are similarities that can put magic in your fantasy, football fantasy that is.

Blackjack is one of the rare table games that gives the player an edge over the house. It requires skill and allows the player to make choices which can be particularly difficult with certain hands. Play at the Blackjack table and you know the game plan: number of decks in play, the playing field and what it takes to beat the dealer.

In Fantasy Football you know the teams competing, best players, worst players and how many points it takes to win. Like Blackjack you also want to stay within a certain budget and not break your bankroll.


No player whether it is Blackjack or Fantasy Football be on top of their game and be successful unless they master the art of concentration. Learn the secret formula to winning at Blackjack and you may very well conquer your fantasy skills.

Whether you pull up a chair at a Casino or play online is one common denominator to art of winning and that is to have complete focus on a fast paced game. Cards are dealt so fast, it is like they fly across the table and split second decisions will make or break your hand. Think quick to split a hand, take insurance, double down, fold or hold.  Play long enough, do your homework and master your betting skills like pro in a matter of time.

The same rule applies in for the fantasy player. It is an action packed game that requires diligence to know the teams, players and watch as they evolve over time and never get caught up in the moment you lose your concentration.

Just as a football player will hone his skill not by running on the field instead running up and down the stairs in the stadium bleachers like the late great Walter Payton, so should the Fantasy player learn tips from playing Blackjack . The key to winning is think outside the box to sharpen your skills.