MCFC training report 21/11/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Mon 21 November 2011 14:53

MCFC training report 21/11/2011

All present for a short session today and quite a lot wearing white snoods! Maybe Mario bought them all one. I watched the keepers for a few minutes before the others came out and noticed they don't do anything like the same routines to warm up as the rest of the team. Nothing different to other days but it only just dawned on me when they went straight into a catching routine.

Yaya, Clichy and Sergio out first together and then Sergio broke off for a long chat with Kidd. The banter between all the players was constant and fun as they all gathered and then went through the early gentle routines. Vinnie looked in especially good fun mood as he administered a punishment on Zaba for miscontrolling a ball by flicking his ear.

Keep ball circles followed and as they were very close to the fencing it was easy to see the fun as usual. Nigel was picked on a few times and voted into the middle, Kolarov launched into a Vinnie lunge when the group was having a go. Loads of cameras were inside as usual before a Euro day but strangely only one near me behind the fence. I think the photographers are preparing themselves for the time when the new high fencing is up and they will have to find different work on mornings. Sadly that day is coming very soon as the fences posts are going in already and I would guess 2 or 3 weeks before the netting is up and nobody will be able to see a thing.

Bridge, Nedum and Roman were called across to make up numbers but they just stayed doing stretches while the rest played 1 and 2 touch games switching from small to full nets. Barry scored, Kolarov equalised then Nigel scored. Then into the big nets with only headers allowed and goal poacher Micah scored first before Kolarov again and then Micah again. Silva would have scored a header but Yaya (on his side) wanted the glory and somehow headed it off the line instead of in. Then Nigel scored again in a small net game. He is becoming a natural!

A few more exercises before the team from Saturday were allowed to go in and the 3 extras joined in for a 7 a side game. Goals in this from Edin (2), a beauty from Silva from 20 yards and then another in a 1 on 1 situation. A few great saves from Panti before Kolarov scored and got hurt in the process. Twice he got hurt today but he's made of tough stuff and got going again quickly. Then a class volley from Gazza and finally a sweet goal from Roman after he won the ball and strode forward to score.

That ended that after just under an hour so I went across to watch a full scale practice match for the reserves and some academy lads. Nil nil when I left after half an hour but I am sure there would be some goals from the part I saw. I knew most of the players but just three I think were new and no doubt on trial.