EDS players on the first team tour - Part 1

By Steven McInerney, Wed 15 July 2015 10:30

EDS players on the first team tour - Part 1Steven McInerney takes a look at Angus Gunn, George Evans, Cameron Humphreys and others

City surprised us all last week by naming a rather eclectic squad for their first team tour to Australia. With only seven regular first team internationals on the initial list, with some afforded extended breaks before joining next week, the rest of the travelling crew was made up of a mixture of returning loanees and EDS players looking to make a name for themselves.

Obviously as someone with a keen interest in City's youth development this really piqued my interest.

Make no mistake, this is a talented bunch of kids. Not all are there to simply make up the numbers, and I've got a feeling the vast majority of them would be there anyway even if the usual quota of first team players was available. There's a serious amount of talent out with Pellegrini and co, and many will feel like they've earned this shot to impress.

Having said that, some of the inclusions even surprised me - Cameron Humphreys is an exceptionally promising youngster, but he's only sixteen still. Likewise Garcia is only a few months older at 17 and with a full quota of keepers named to participate in the friendlies, with Hart joining Caballero and Wright very soon, Gunn's inclusion is another that I didn't expect, even if it is vastly deserved.

Given the vast amount of players, seventeen in total, I've decided to break down this feature profiling all those involved into three parts. This being the first with the other two coming during the coming week. First up it's the turn of Angus Gunn, Cameron Humphreys, George Evans, Bruno Zuculini, Enas Unal and Marcos Lopes…

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