Great ideas for City lovers

By Paul Stewart, Thu 02 July 2015 14:34

Great ideas for City loversGift suggestions for Manchester City fans

If you have a Manchester City fan in your family or among your group of friends, then there are lots of different gifts that you could buy for them. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just as a thank-you, there is a range of gift ideas to suit different people. However, they all have one thing in common: they are perfect for the avid Manchester City fan.

What to buy

If you’re not really into football then you might not know of a good gift to buy someone. Football merchandise varies considerably and you can choose from a number of different gifts. There are the traditional items such as clothing and replica shirts, and a fantastic selection of homeware, novelty items, toys and secondhand goods.

The personal touch

If it’s for a special occasion or a fanatical Manchester City supporter, you might want to consider buying a personalised gift ( There are many websites that offer this service and there is no end to the type of products that they can personalise. These include newspapers, mugs, key rings, clothing and stationery. This idea makes the gift a bit more personal and shows that you’ve thought about the present, rather than just rushed out to buy something.

A bit of history

Not all the presents that you buy have to be brand new. The cost of football merchandise and the fact that the manufacturer will often change the design to tie in with a new season or sponsor means that it can become expensive keeping up with a football fan. Sometimes the best gifts can be secondhand. These have a touch of nostalgia about them, even if the person you’re buying for wasn’t even born when they first came out. For instance, there is a great range of football shirts on You’ll find kit from a variety of top clubs, including Manchester City, so you can give that special person a gift with a story behind it.

Something different

If the person that you’re buying for is a big fan, the likelihood is that they’ll already have a lot of the regular mechanise. If this is the case, you can look for something a bit quirky and unusual, while still following the football theme. For example, there is a range of Manchester City gnomes that would be ideal for gardening football fans ( You can just buy one or build up a collection of all 11 different gnomes. They include the sliding tackle and knee-slide celebration gnomes.

For the golf fan

When you’re buying for a fan who also loves golf, you could choose from the extensive range of golfing gifts that have been Manchester City branded ( This will enable the lucky recipient  to enjoy both their hobbies at the same time. The range of golfing memorabilia includes a golf gift set, driver head cover, umbrella, carry bag and gloves.

Take a tour

Even fans who go to every home match would be interested in their own special tour of the Manchester City stadium ( This will give them the chance to experience the thrill of walking out onto the pitch, as well as the opportunity to check out parts of the ground that they wouldn’t normally get to see, such as the dressing rooms and managers’ seat.

Deck out the house

Manchester City football merchandise even stretches to homeware, and there really isn’t any part of the home for which you can’t find a gift. Children, and serious adult fans, might want to have a Manchester City theme running through their bedroom ( This helps them to personalise their space and show off their favourite players. There are a number of gift ideas in this range, so you can choose just one of them or completely deck out their room in Manchester City colours. There’s the option of bedding, cushions, clocks, storage boxes, wallpaper, lights and chairs.

Capture a moment in history

To finish off a Manchester City fan’s room, you really need a perfect piece of art. This can’t be just any drawing, so why not buy them one that showcases one of the team’s greatest ever goals? A Manchester-born artist paints and sells posters and canvases that celebrate some truly remarkable achievements in the history of the club, including the goal that saw them win the Division 2 play-off final in 1999 ( One of these paintings would make the perfect gift, especially if the recipient was actually at the match on that day.

Getting the best price

Shopping for gifts can get expensive and you want to ensure that you get the item you’re buying at the best possible price. Online shopping can help enormously with this and has revolutionised the way in which we shop. The internet allows you to research exactly what’s available and compare prices across a range of sites. It’s best to think first about exactly whom you’re buying for and what type of gift you’d like to buy them. You also need to consider the budget you have available, then you can look at the range on the market and see what options are within your budget. When you know exactly what you want to buy, you can shop around to find it at the best value.

It’s also wise to consider the secondhand options. These might allow you to afford something that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to stretch to. As long as you understand exactly what you’re purchasing and check the quality before you buy, you can pick up some excellent bargains this way.

Whatever type of gift you want to buy for your Manchester City fan, it’s important not to rush into a decision. If this happens, there’s always the tendency that you could end up spending more than you want to. Before you hit the buy button, take your time and this way you’ll end up with the right gift at the right price.