Training report 08/09/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 08 September 2011 23:05

Training report 08/09/2011

Back after what seemed an enormously long break and typically met by a miserable gloomy drizzly day. But it was all lifted as I was accompanied by Lewis for the first time in yonks. 20 players on show today (excluding keepers) with Nigel and Gazza missing but back in the fold was Nedum and fitting in like he had never been away and looking very trim and fit. He walked across to the pitch in full conversation with Kolo. Nasri was last out with a fancy bandage contraption on his left hand.

All fairly low key it seemed to me and no surprise at that given all the travelling that some had done. Gentle jogging, a couple of light exercises before Mancini took a team away for some work behind fencing. A bit of defending and a bit of attacking was the order of the day and then he changes all the personell for more of the same. The players left just played keep ball circle stuff and enjoyed a laugh. Mario worked separately with a physio on some running.

Then quickly into a game which was as intense as I have seen but again given so many have just got back from internationals is to be expected. Some cracking goals though. mario bagged two nice ones with the 2nd being an excellent pass into the corner after he had cleverly worked space and used the defender as a shield. Dzeko also scoring 2 and looking like a man in peak form as we know he is.

Tevez wasn't to be out done and probably scored the best of the bunch with some great footwork, a quick one two and great finish. Followed soon after with a lovely chip over the keeper. The only other one I recall was a very clever left footer side foot into the corner through a defenders legs by that goal poacher Nedum. It really was a classy finish. Quite a short game in the end and only a couple stayed out for a bit extra but no shooting practice this time.

Owen Hargreaves just blended in and much to the disappointment of all the cameras didn't fall down injured. He looked fit and well and a good footballer. End of story for today.