Media round-up: Thursday, 10th November

By Ric Turner, Thu 10 November 2011 10:06

Media round-up: Thursday, 10th November

The Sun report that City will fine Carlos Tevez £600,000 fine for returning to Argentina without permission, and could even sack him if he does not return quickly. They go on to claim that the Blues could hold on to his registration so any club taking him on would be liable at a tribunal to pay City his worth — around £30million.

Tevez, meanwhile, has insisted that he attempted to contact manager Roberto Mancini around 10 times to ask for his permission to return to Argentina but received no communication from the Italian, according to The Independent.

Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers' Association, admits the striker has put himself in a difficult position. "I feel very disappointed, to say the least," said Taylor. "The lad is digging himself a hole and it is getting deeper. If, as I have been informed, he was clearly told he was not to return to Argentina and he has flagrantly breached that instruction, that goes to the heart of his contract and could be gross misconduct in anybody's view."

Elsewhere, chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak scored an impressive hat trick at the inaugural Nazionale Piloti charity football game held last night at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium as his side won 5-4. Perhaps City don't need to replace Tevez after all...

Finally Mario Balotelli has declared that he is happy at City, and has no desire to leave. “I don’t miss Serie A at all. Zero. I’m very happy to be in England,” he insisted. “The Italian championship has dropped. The Premier is nice and I play for the best team in England. I want to stay there."

The striker also took the opportunity to codemn the British tabloid press. "They tend to talk more about my private life than what I do on the field," said Balotelli. "This is normal, but I get tired of it. And if I didn't do the things I do, I would be bored. I'm not mad, not at all – even if sometimes I do things that are a bit strange. English newspapers like the Sun are worse than the Italian ones. A newspaper that puts naked ladies on the front cover..."