Best Manchester City Kits of All Time

By Guest writer, Fri 16 April 2021 16:28

Best Manchester City Kits of All Time 

Manchester City football club has been playing since 1880 and from that time they have had to maintain their style as well as their charisma. This they have managed to do through the different kits that they have had. And below we shall look at some of the most iconic jerseys that Manchester City has used over the years.

Best Manchester City Jerseys

2015- 2016 Home

Top of the charts is the 2015 to 116 kit that was supplied by Nike. The kit was elegant as well as sophisticated. It was a light blue shirt that was paid tribute to the team’s first kits in their early days. The kit was used for home matches as the light blue colour has always been associated with Manchester City in soccer.

1978 -1989 Home

Supplied by Umbro the kit came with a light blue colour that has always said Manchester City. And what set the kit apart was the light diamond pattern on the kit that many players and fans loved and never to get enough of. The kit came with a white collar and sleeve in order to complement the white diamond design, giving it a nice sleek touch. While you still here, check meilleur jeu casino for best betting odds.

1988-1990 Away

A step away from the loved light blue was an iconic white and maroon striped kit supplied by Umbro that was used for away matches. Although it was different from the light blue used for home matches, many still loved the kit and would adorn it whenever they could when the team was playing to show their loyalty.

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