Training report 31/10/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Mon 31 October 2011 15:13

Training report 31/10/2011

Slightly late start today although 4 players were out "on time" Mario, Yaya, AJ and Aguero spent a little time trying to score from behind a net using the wind to drift and spin the ball back in. Mario mastered it after a while. Then they were all out and Mancini got them together for the initial chat before they split into two groups for some basic warm up stuff.

Interesting in this part that the 2 sessions were different and I am not sure if they are carefully picked for the specfic work being done or it just happens. Carefully selected I would think. Then for a while they just played around in 2's and 3's and just when I expected a pass and move session Mancini took them all behind the fences to work with one team and leave the rest playing in a keep ball circle. His first bit of work was back to the team shape stuff which was a major part of training when he first started but much less so in the last year. Just a refresher he obviously decided was needed.

Then all back out and some more fitness stuff which for a change was more running than anything. Owen Hargreaves hadn't been out at the start but was by this time albeit working alone with a physio. Looking ok but as Mancini said in interviews, another week away yet. Finally a game which was notable for not very much. Deeecent game of course but not too much quality in the finishing until Edin scored a beauty. Lovely quick feet got space and a curler (bit like against France) into the top right corner. The only goal as it turned out.

Those who played most or all of the game on Saturday went in and the rest played in a 6 a side game. I didn't bother too much with this although did see Mario get a clattering (more like a high tackle in rugby) which he wasnt too chuffed with and Nigel got a knock on his foot which took a little time to shake off but he was ok.

Watching the keepers a little more at the start and one of the early exercises was saving shots at one post and quickly up for another low shot at the other post. Much of the time the 2nd shot would need knocking away rather than catching. Nothing unusual in this as they do it basically every day but I suppose it had extra behind it today after events on Saturday.