City reluctantly accept UEFA "fair" play sanctions

By Ric Turner, Mon 19 May 2014 09:59

City reluctantly accept UEFA "fair" play sanctionsBlues will lose €20m (£16.4m) in prize money over two seasons

On Friday evening UEFA finally confirmed the sanctions faced by City for breaching their financial "fair" play rules. The Blues have been fined £16.4m, with a further £32m suspended, and can only name a 21-man Champions League squad next season after failing the rules. It remains unclear how the squad reduction will affect home-grown quota rules, which currently stipulate that a 25-man squad must contain eight home-grown players.

Additionally, City can only spend £49m net on players this summer, and their wage bill for 2014-15 must stay the same as this season.

The club were clearly angered by the decision, and released a tense statement on Friday evening.

"From the outset, the Club has engaged with UEFA in its introduction of the Financial Fair Play Regulations in good faith and without prejudice and in a transparent and collaborative manner. The Club’s position is that it is beholden upon UEFA and the European football establishment to ensure the same. 

"The Club can confirm that it has been in discussions with UEFA over the last month - in relation to the application of Financial Fair Play regulations  - as has been widely reported and communicated by UEFA.   At the heart of those discussions is a fundamental disagreement between the Club’s and UEFA’s respective interpretations of the FFP regulations on players purchased before 2010.  The Club believes it has complied with the FFP regulations on this and all other matters. 

"In normal circumstances, the Club would wish to pursue its case and present its position through every avenue of recourse. However, our decision to do so must be balanced against the practical realities for our fans, for our partners and in the interests of the commercial operations of the Club."