'A Low-Budget Western' - new Bluemoon Podcast online now

By David Mooney, Fri 26 March 2021 12:26

'A Low-Budget Western' - new Bluemoon Podcast online nowPaul Walsh discusses his move to City, why he felt he needed to win over the fans, and why it was the happiest time of his life

This week:
- How we can now trust City to just get the job done in difficult games
- What does Phil Foden have to do to get a penalty?
- Does the inverted wingers system hold Raheem Sterling back?

PLUS: An in-depth interview with former City striker, Paul Walsh
He discusses:
- His move to City from Portsmouth
- Why he felt he needed to win the fans around
- Why it was one of the best times of his life
- His thoughts on Brian Horton and Alan Ball

Season 13, Episode 31: A Low-Budget Western
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This week:
 It's a 20-minute deep dive into the legendary City career of Christian Negouai... Ten games, two red cards (one the quickest by a Premier League sub at the time), two goals (one punched into the net), one sub appearance where he was then subbed off, a missed drugs test, and plenty of speeding fines: https://www.patreon.com/posts/49162893

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