MCFC training report 19/12/2013

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 19 December 2013 15:07

MCFC training report 19/12/2013Today's training report courtesy of Doug Higginbottom

Carrington again and good timing for me as the winds yesterday meant the top curtain/fencing had been taken down and I could see easily over the bottom fence quite easily. They had taken them down as they expected the wind to rip them apart anyway.Still down today as more strong winds expected but going back up for tomorrow.Good to have a clear view for a change and pretty well everyone out there including Zaba,Kun,Nastasic and Micah but don't get excited as those 4 were just there for the opening briefing from the boss and then went straight inside.

I do think it says something about Pellegrini though to want all the squad,injured or not to be part of his briefing.That includes the keepers as well which had not always been the case with past managers.Quite a long briefing too,maybe to get a special message across prior to an away league match. Included in the group to make the numbers up fully were Greg Leigh,George Glendon,Jason Denayer,Jordy Hiwula,John Guidetti.No Facey which might be a surprise given our right back situation and also no Lopes so maybe he did pull up before the cup game on Tuesday.

Said a quick hello to skipper Tony Book who was getting his exercise walking round the pitches They went into some gentle runs,lots of stretching and a few short sharp routines.Given the thread on muscle injuries I was watching closely and saw nothing unusual.Routines and preparation work I have seen so often before and no slackers today.Then into 3 keep ball circles before any strong football related stuff.Before that though the team from Tuesday went inside.

Pellegrini took sometime organising the next session which was basically attack defence.There were just 2 defenders to deal with about 4 or 5 attackers starting with a pass from either Yaya or Glendon played wide and then using inside passes ,overlaps or whatever.Very tough on the defenders with such quality coming at them but they did very well.The defensive pairings being either Demechelis and Leigh or Denayer and Clichy.Enjoyable to watch and the best goal came from Negredo who nutmegged the central defender and then lobbed the keeper from close range.

Pellegrini was constantly talking as the action was going on and seeking perfection in the timing of passes and overlaps plus good crossing and finishing .Three looking good to me in this exercise were Jovetic,Demechelis and Denayer.Bytyqi came over during this session which was good to watch with a lot of real intent and Pellegrini at the heart of everything making sure the decision making was good.When it wasn't he let them know.

Then into a 7 a side game with teams of Denayer,Yaya,Nasri,Hiwula,Bytyqi and Clichy against JG,GL,GG,Fern,AN and MD.Which team do you think would win? ( yes you have to work out who the initial were) I didn't see all the goals but I did see goals from Hiwula,Nasri, Bytyqi plus Demechelis and Fernadinho before the golden goal was announced. But first there was an amazing double save from Richard Wright.Both from fairly close range thunderbolts.An amazing miss from Fernandinho.He had exchanged passes with Guidetti and had to tap the ball home but managed to get it over the bar.The goal from Nasri was a classic one sitting the keeper down before lifting the ball over him and in.

The golden goal was scored by Demechelis.He does like to stride forward with the ball doesn't he? An enjoyable session for me to watch and great spirit throughout the team.As I left I spotted both Micah and Nastasic doing 1 to 1 work with physios which I took to be a very good sign they are not far away.No chance for Fulham or probably Liverpool but not too far.