Training report 13/10/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 13 October 2011 12:21

Training report 13/10/2011

I thought I would go early today in the hope of finding a parking spot close to where I go in. I had already seen on SSN all the activity so I arrived at 10.07 and there was no space at all. Couldnt think why but people, cameras and cars spilling all over the place. I parked further away, got Paul Lake's book and out and had 30 minutes good reading.

When I did get out the EDS were already out working away. 10.30 start for them is early but the first team squad were also out quite early as they were 11 and not 15 minutes late! Lescott I think was out 10 minutes early doing a little extra warm up (I think it was JL) but then all the others strolled out with Zaba the only one missing. I am guessing he got an extra day off if he was playing away in S America. YT was also out late but looked in very playful mood.

Got a nice wave from the boss as he then gathered them all in for the initial chat.It was about this time some photographers started arriving.I assume they had stayed around the front gate for longer than usual looking for something or somebody. Cant think what! After initial warm up stuff Mancini took a team away leaving the rest in keep ball circles and then he switched the groups round. During part of this Aguero worked separately with physios as did Kolo, Nigel and Yaya.

It was clearly going to be a fairly low key, short session as they soon moved into a game of 10 a side (Lombardo making up the numbers). Savic ,Dzeko and Kolarov didn't join in but worked separately for a while before going in. No doubt they had 2 hard games and plenty of travel so were not being worked too hard. Quite a good session too with lots of good passing, excellent defending but not goals.

It was looking close at one point when Micah was bearing down from the right but Lescott came across and saw him off with a strong challenge. Looked more a penalty than not but and Fausto the little coach said with a smile it would definitely have been a penalty in Italy.Strangely a free kick was given in the box but not a pen! A great tackle by Nigel,a quality save from Stu Taylor from Mario, a very funny blatant push by Kolo were unusual highlights. 2 stars though for me were Milner who was everywhere and always prompting and making good runs and also Silva who was just great to watch close up.The ball really does seem tied to his boots at times, he has such a great touch.

Golden goal time came up but still a goal wouldnt come. Lescott made a great sorti through the opposing defence leaving plenty in his wake but when he squared the ball across the 6 yard line nobody got on the end of it.I think they were in awe of his dribbling skills. Mario nearly got through but a great tackle by Nedum ended his run.Mario stayed down too which wasn't good but the doc sprinted ( maybe a fast walk) over and got him back on and he seemed ok.Then the closest of the lot as Micah charged in to see a shot cannon off the post.Joe reckoned he had it covered but Micah also stayed down as he rolled his ankle a little. Photographers flocked in as he was dragged off the pitch jointly by the doc and Mancini but I think he also was ok as he walked away.Platt told the doc to check the boss's back after hauling that lump away (words to that effect anyway)

No goals but the game ended there to the disappointment of some. AJ/Milner and Razak looked like staying behind for some shooting practice but the rest went in.Tomorrow will probably be a tougher session just as the Friday was in the week before the BBurn game.As I was leaving there was a little rush of photographers going the other way. Not sure why but maybe a rare wild animal had been spotted or something.