Patrick Patterson: NBA's Biggest Man City Fan

By Guest writer, Mon 08 March 2021 11:19

Patrick Patterson: NBA's Biggest Man City Fan 

Like many of us who like football, have a brain, and aren't too bias to say you have to admire Manchester City. They play free-flowing football, which is attractive to watch. The Clippers Patrick Patterson is no different and is a keen City fan; it would seem.

There aren't too many links between the NBA and the English Premier League, so this might seem a little odd to some. However, Patterson is undoubtedly someone who can appreciate talent when he sees it, having been involved in many high-profile teams over the years.

Who is Patrick Patterson?

He started with the Rockets when he was the 14th pick in the first round of the NBA draft back in 2010. Patterson spent three years in Houston before being traded to the Sacramento Kings in 2013.

However, his stay in Sacramento was a short one and could best be described as a flying visit as he was traded out of Sacramento later on in the year to the Toronto Raptors. He spent four years in Toronto in what was probably the most successful period of his career.

Patrick moved onto Oklahoma in 2017 to sign with the Thunder. Although he certainly wasn't a failure, he was plagued with a reoccurring knee injury which eventually led to him being released in 2019. The Clippers picked him up, and although he knew he would only be a bit-part player, you can't turn down the opportunity to play for them.

He's never really been a starter throughout his career, so this would have been something that he was accustomed to.

While he will never make a list like the top 10 players with the most triple-doubles comprised by, he has undoubtedly had a long and successful career.

How Patrick Patterson became a Man City fan?

Why Manchester City? Well, on a trip to the UK, Patterson had the chance to meet up with some of the Man City players when the Raptors were in town promoting an upcoming game. Patterson was so inspired by what he saw and heard that it stuck with him, and he follows the sky blues to this day.

Nonetheless, his love for the club started way before then, dating back to 2006. A friend introduced him to the FIFA video game, and he began to explore the different teams. After trying out a couple of different teams, one of them being City’s bitter rivals Man United, he stumbled across Manchester City.

He started to go through the squad of players, and he felt that he could relate to players such as Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli. He soon fell in love with the team, and the rest is history, as they say. His passion for the club continues today, and he has publicly supported the team through social media platforms.

Patterson has certainly had plenty to support and shout about this season as City has opened up a 14 point gap at the top of the table and looks well on course to win yet another Premier League title.