MCFC training report - 29/03/2013

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 29 March 2013 18:11

MCFC training report - 29/03/2013

Lovely sunny day for me to double up with training and then a dash to watch the under 21's v Palace. A full 20 out today with Zaba back but missing Boyata and lopes who I expect will play this afternoon. RM got them all together for a longish chat before they started the initial jogs and warm up exercises. Still a buzz around the group as yesterday as the physio shouted them through stretches on groins and "hammies"

RM took a team away for some work but it was just a very short session with what might be the team for tomorrow before they all came back for a passing "game" with chances to score in either small nets,one touch finish,or big nets with a header. Gael scored in the small nets and Samir replied with a headed equaliser! Golden goal was called which Carlos got with another header but they carried on and Sinclair scored in the small nets.That was followed by a very short sharp exercise before the end game started.

It was 11 a side on just over half a full sized pitch but one player didn't play (no names) allowing Richard Wright to play out of goal. And he tested Joe with a right footer into the top corner which he turned over. Sinclair was looking good but the final ball just wasn't quite right, Maicon also showing the quality he has on the ball going forward but he will always struggle if left isolated in defence. Great to see Pablo back although one or two attackers wouldn't have thought so as he tackled them.

The first goal came from a Kolarov pass which Nasri smashed in and quickly followed by a Barry goal as he timed a run perfectly to tap in. There was a bizarre own goal too with a header meant for his keeper but I won't mention names to so I don't embarrass them. Maybe it will be on Inside City! That was about it as they finished leaving just a few out for extras.

Sinclair, Kolarov and Milner for shooting practice although it looked like Joe wanted to shoot as well. Maicon and Micah for some extra fitness work with Gael watching on.I think I saw Rodders going for some running but not sure. Just enough time to type this and now off to the Regional Arena for the 21's game. It's a hard life.