MCFC training report 18/12/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Tue 18 December 2012 14:18

MCFC training report 18/12/2012

I arrived late-ish to find one player already out and that was Bossaerts soon to be joined by Milner and the rest and the further good news was that Vinnie was included in the rest. 18 on show today and it also included Pozo which was good to see.Injuries preventing Micah, Nasri, Aleks, Rodders and Maicon although the latter was out running a little later.

Gentle stuff to start as they jogged about while the keepers were going through their early stuff with the aid of crash mats to dive on. Whimps! As they split into 2 groups the main noticeable thing to me was Silva working side by side with Pozo. Then they broke into 3 groups for some running work so I went round the other side to check on the reserves and was pleased to see Guidetti in full training.

When the football work started it was all about passing and pressing but Vinnie stayed out of this and just carried on 1 to 1 work. Just 4 v 4 in a small area for starters and then a game using the small nets. I think it was a goal if 10 passes were completed or if one was actually scored. Pozo got the ball rolling with 2 goals but the best part was the speed of the game itself. Further goals from Barry, Kolo, Carlos, Edin and finally Sergio.

Then a break where Mancini took the key attacking players away for some specific work, showing them specific movements before they had chances running onto through balls and then from a cross. The midfield were working with Platt on attacking play and getting attempts on goal while Gregucci was putting the defensive unit through it's paces. All quite strong work all going on at the same time. Panti had gone in during this part so Ian Lawlor came over to give Joe some help. Good for Ian.

Then it was game time and Nimley was called over to make it 9 a side as Milner was not allowed to join in. I bet he wanted to but a little extra caution prevailed and he just went to another pitch for more work. The first goal was from Garcia and a nice left foot half volley well controlled from a Sinclair pass. Sinclair made it 2 tapping in a great Kolo cross, Sergio hit the post and then was given offside in setting Carlos up. Very contentious that one with Kidd getting the stare and more. Then an interception at the other end which was deemed a backpass got Kidd involved again.

Yaya went for a long throw in and his feet went about as high as he threw the ball,very comical. Wright made a bunch of very good saves. Then Silva got one back from an Edin pass before Kun and Carlos got one each with excellent cross shots and then Sinclair got his 2nd after an amazing Yaya assist. YT had received the ball with at least 3 around him but with amazing control and touch plus a slice of luck he managed to get the ball back for SS to score.

That was that but as they were going off I heard Joe call for Zaba to chip him a pass so he could volley it into the net.Zaba laughed and offered £100 if he scored. Joe missed:) All in all a good lively and varied session with no wind and no rain so job's a good un.