MCFC training report 31/10/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 01 November 2012 11:38

MCFC training report 31/10/2012

Back again and the first group out were the under 16s training on the far pitch. Maybe a special day for them to be here and not Platt Lane while the "reserves" are away in Italy. When the first team came out it was onto the middle pitches as the regular pitch nearest Sale RFC was being rotivated. Good to see Razak first out and keen to get going.

Sadly these pitches are the worst for viewing but I did manage to see Rodwell running again (he was the lone runner yesterday) and later on David Silva for his first work outside.  Yaya fully involved and also Garcia and Zaba showing no reaction to yesterday's work. 3 young lads involved again were Mancini, Scapuzzi and the still unknown young lad from yesterday. He played at full back today and looked ok! 20 players in total.

Straight off they split into a keep ball circle while Mancini took a team away for another organisational/shape session on a full size pitch. He did this for a while and just changed some of the personnel around to get almost everyone involved in what he wanted to get across. Then it was into pass/move press in a smaller pitch area but only a brief session before they all came close to the fence for some short sharp exercises. Razak gave an acknowledgement with a smile and a wave but they were all getting stuck in. Some of them having the pleasure of pulling a weight with the elasticated waist band! Nobody on the hill though.

It looked like they would then play a game on two pitches that had been set up but Mancini took them all back to a full size pitch for a session with 2 11 a side teams (maybe just 10) Again more work on the shape of the team as movements progressed. It wasn't possible to tell exactly what aspects they were working on but Mancini was bang in the middle of everything and regularly stopping the flow to make his points. Platt/Kidd and Gregucci were on the sidelines watching closely and not noticeably doing anything but my bet would be they would have their input after the session. Mancini would just be happy, as I said yesterday to work with the full squad again.

In this session Edin was the goal threat. Scoring one, hitting the post with another and forcing Panti into a brilliant save. Right at the end of it Milner won a ball in midfield and threatened to break right through until Vinnie dumped him classically on the floor. Quite funny in a way to watch. Mancini didn't seem interested at all in what Vinnie did but went back to Milner winning the ball and how the rest of the defending team reacted to his break.

Then it was onto a game and it was two 5 a side games. Whilst waiting for it to start Mario had a practice penalty against Joe and you can guess who won that one :) For a while in the game nearest me it seemed there would be no goals as Joe in particular was superb but eventually goals started to flow (it was only 5 a side). Mario got quite a few with all sorts of finishes, right foot, left foot, toe punts. Yaya got one and set another up for his brother and towards the end it was more like shooting practice. Kolarov, another from Kolo and a funny one where Joe just got his foot to a ball as Mario was ready to unleash a shot. I was worried for a moment but nobody was hurt.

Another good session, about 80 minutes, I think for Mancini to get some basics work done.The only thing to dampen it today was the wind which really got strong and made longer passing very difficult.