Factors That Influence The Outcome Of A Football Game

By Guest writer, Wed 26 August 2020 10:20

Factors That Influence The Outcome Of A Football Game 

Sports has stood the test of time as one of those activities that bring people from all walks of life together to support their favorite teams. Football is the most-loved sport as it has an estimated fan-base of 3.5 billion—stats prepared by FIFA estimate that about 240 million regularly play football.

Fans who get to the field or watch a game has one wish on their minds; they always want their team to win. The fans of the opposing team as well have the same wishes. Let us explore some of the factors that affect the outcome of football games.


How has the team been performing of late? This is one of the main questions that fans ask themselves. Gamblers who want to place a bet on an onlinekaszinó will also check such stats before they place that bet.
Some teams have a good start of the season but always find it hard to keep their records straight. A consistent team does not win all the games. However, you can predict based on the selection of players on the starting lineup. Some teams are always known to perform best when playing in the home ground.

Team balance and strength

You may have noted that in a football game, there are always those players that strike the right chords. One of the best combinations in theEnglish Premier League is that ofManchester City’s Sergio Agüero and Kevin de Bryune. The latter has shown consistency in making complete passes that tend to find Agüero in a scoring position.
There are also those players that always have a hard time coordinating even if they are talented. A balanced team will have a high chance of winning as they know how to position themselves for the occasion.

Playing styles

Have you ever heard phrases such as “that team is defensive”, “that team holds the ball too much” or “that team attacks a lot”? All these phrases describe playing styles adopted by different teams. You may find two teams using the same style, and the one that will be better at this style always wins.
A team can have different playing styles depending on the situation at hand. For instance, if a team like Manchester City requires a draw to proceed to the next stage, then it can adopt the holding style of play. A team can start with attack style of play and then adopt holding after scoring several goals.

Schedule and tournament type

The time of play and the number of games will have a direct impact on the outcomes. For instance, you may find a soccer team that participates in five different tournaments at a go. Such a team will have to ‘sacrifice’ some of the tournaments to stand a better chance of winning the heavy ones.
Some teams even line up their reserve players on the weak tournaments and preserve the best for bigger games. A fan will thus evaluate the schedule at hand to weigh the nature of play that the team will display.


The players need to be motivated to play at their best. You may have seen cases where players show laxity in their games when they want certain things to get done. For instance, a player may fail to perform well until his or her contract is revised.
There are also instances where the whole team decides not to put any efforts into their games until some changes are made on the technical bench. The fan base can also motivate the players or lower their morale. Some teams have shown exemplary performance when they have many fans when playing at home.

The coaching team

You may have asked yourself why some teams spend millions on a coach while he will never get in the field. Having a talented team is not enough. Such players need someone who can manage their talent and focus on becoming the best. Thetechnical bench makes crucial decisions such as who should appear on which game. The team will also analyze the game and make essential changes depending on the mood. Different coaches have different playing styles, and they may decide to change it depending on the circumstances.
Understanding the above factors makes it easy for fans to predict the outcomes of football games and manage expectations.  Gamblers as well can place their bets on thebest online casino after analyzing the above factors and increase their chances of winning. Individual player quality may also come into play, but teamwork will always be a crucial ingredient.