MCFC training report 13/09/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 13 September 2012 13:25

MCFC training report 13/09/2012

Seems such a long time away so good to get back to Carrington for the first full session since the window closed. 19 I think on show today which excluded Aguero, Micah and Zaba. The "physio room" site says Zaba has an injury but it said that about Rodders too and he was out training! Yaya did his usial after a break and went around the team with a hand shake as also does Brian Kidd. Mancini was sporting a new bobble hat with Mancini written on it. Nasti in green boots, Maicon in green and yellow, Garcia in orange.

It wasn't long before Sergio came out and worked with Ivan Carminati and worked quite hard too. Plenty of jogging,sprinting but also a lot of twisting /turning to test the knee and a limited amount of ball work. I wll leave it to Mancini to consider when he will be back but he was looking ok. At the end Micah was also out jogging but further away from fitness I would say and smiling as ever.

Along with the main squad there were a bunch of EDS lads out as well but warming up seperately. After all the initial stuff of jogs, a couple of exercises and kicking balls around in 2's and 3's they switched into a game involving 4 small nets. Wabara joined them for this part to balance up the numbers. Fairly gentle compared to what I have seen in the past although one nice challenge introduced Nasti to Milner. Neither of course gave an inch.

Mancini had spent a little time setting things up for some corner practice and it became evident that was why the EDS lads were really there. After the game it was all into the penalty box for some defending work and all the EDS lads were given specific positions as were the attacking players as Mancini went through the routines in his usual meticlous way. Those not fully involved were watching intently.

Just about then a large group were ushered in to watch the training and then a minute or so later the whole thing finished! Probably the shortest session I have seen and probably the right way after the international breaks with two games and plenty of travelling. I would expect a stronger day tomorrow to get more of an impression from the new boys.