Top Most Common Betting Prediction Mistakes

By Guest writer, Fri 22 May 2020 13:27

Top Most Common Betting  Prediction Mistakes 

the latest sports new events you can strengthen your chances of winning by learning from these common betting prediction mistakes.


#1 Following What Pundits Say

While it is important to stay up to date with the latest sports news events following the thoughts and opinions of sports sites, blogs and podcasts won’t lead you to an automatic win. While these sources of information can give you useful insights to your next move, you also take in to account that some of the data can be biased and embellished to increase ratings.

When making your own betting decisions, you need to do your research and not just mimic what industry experts say. One of the best ways to come up with a leveled and balanced consensus is to do your research. Utilize all sources of information. Listening and taking into account both sides of the coin will lead you to an unbiased and stronger betting decision. Remember, just because the data comes from former sports experts, doesn’t make them qualified to give betting advice.

#2 Overbetting on Games

While it can be tempting to gain a larger sum on certain sportsbooks, the key to successful sports betting is in the smaller edges. Targetting and making moves on inefficient markets is much more effective than betting on games for a chance at a high reward.

Betting smart shouldn’t be based on the amount of action you’re getting while making a bet. You must have solid reasoning and a decent edge to make the real profit. It is important to not fall for the fully stacked betting markets offered by online sportsbooks.

#3 Not Shopping Around For the Best Price

Just like doing your research on different sportsbooks and media sources, it is crucial that you window shop for the best prices. Despite being an obvious step, many sports bettors fail to find the best prices for them—especially for betting beginners. While a buck or two doesn’t seem like a big deal, it all adds up!

#4 Favoritism Over a Team

Although following a certain team gives a deep understanding of their performance under many circumstances like weather or away games, being a devoted follower is a common betting mistake. Similar to not trusting or following biased sources, betting on your favorite team is simply following your own biased opinions.

 If you are a devoted fan of a certain team, betting on them won’t guarantee you a win. While supporting your hometown’s team or following a certain player has its appeals, it is important to realize that gaining a profit will be less likely.

Overall, when it comes to making a successful sports betting move there are certain factors that bettors need to take into account. By keeping these key common mistakes in mind, you’ll be able to make bigger and smarter bets.