'Football with a Smile' - new Bluemoon Podcast online now

By David Mooney, Fri 24 April 2020 14:09

'Football with a Smile' - new Bluemoon Podcast online nowBerkovic & Benarbia, Negouai's 'hand-of-God', SWP's first goal (Keegan promotion special)

This week:
- What made the Ali Benarbia and Eyal Berkovic axis so good?
- How did Kevin Keegan change the culture behind the scenes at City?
- 2001-02 saw one of the dirtiest ever City teams with 10 red cards - yet City still kept winning
- Kevin Keegan's only style: All out attack
- How the football on show made Maine Road fun again

Season 11, Episode 44: Football with a Smile (a Kevin Keegan promotion special)
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There are some players who are only at City for a short time, but they make a big impression. This week, we're discussing some of our short-term favourites - the likes of Patrick Vieira or Frank Lampard, who were at the end of their careers, or Daniel Van Buyten or Felipe Caicedo, who were just starting out. That's available for people who back at either the $2/m tier, the $5/m tier or the $10/m tier: https://www.patreon.com/posts/36317911