Few Football Slots among the World’s Most Popular Games

By Guest writer, Fri 24 April 2020 12:45

Few Football Slots among the World’s Most Popular Games 

Football is a wonderful game which has established itself in the world as the number one sport that is loved worldwide. For decades the game has been enjoyed by both the players and the fans all over the world and it has grown stronger. The football sport has transitioned well in several forms of entertainment and one of them is the gaming field. FIFA as well as PES have been on the forefront of bringing football video games especially in the US where this game hasn’t been so common.

There are different fans of football, we have those who are players and are still fans and we have those who are fans but are not skilled players of football. In whichever way, there is great entertainment each one fits when it comes to football. With football, both fans can have fun and at the same time win real money. One way is playing online Best Slots which are provided in online casino sites. Slots are designed with several types of themes.

Meanwhile, here are ten amazing football apps and games that you may want to view.

What are slot games?

For any beginner who is not familiar with online slots, there are simply slot machines which can be played on PCs, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as well as gaming consoles that have browsers. Games on slots feature themed symbols, payline, rows and rotating reels. In order to play this game, the player has to set bets as required and then click the spin button. The matching symbols have to be aligned on a payline for you to win any prize. There are special symbols besides the regular symbols which include Scatter and Wild. The wild symbols can be used to represent other symbols so that a winning combination can be formed. The scatter symbol on the other hand activates the game’s bonus features.
There is a wide selection of slot games which the football theme. For football lovers, the following are some of the best football online slots. But before that, you might be interested in checking out 50 of the greatest Manchester city players of all time.

Striker Goes Wild

This is an online slot that was developed by Eyecon which is action-packed and very innovative. It is a 5 reel and has 25 paylines with football-themed icons which appear on the reels. The icons have strikers, whistles, goal posts, gloves, sports shoes as well as the golden cups. In this slot machine, the Ball can replace all other symbols so that the player can form winning combinations. The Striker on the hand is used to activate the bonus feature in the game.
When the whistle is blown by the referee, the striker who is a scatter in this case goes wild while the other three strikers helps activate the Striker Goes Wild Feature. The Striker Goes Wild feature helps the player watch the game. It therefore puts you in a spectator mode where you feel the real game experience. You are also in a higher position to win greater prizes and every goal scored by the striker has an amazing prize attached to it.

Aussie Rules

Aussie Rules is another online slot that is football-themed for Australian football fans. The symbols on the reels in this game are football-themed and they include symbols like the referee, whistles, sports boots, players and players’ jerseys which appear on the reels. We have the oval ball and the water flask which represent the scatter symbols which can be used to activate special features of the slot. Players can receive up to 100 Bonus Spins in this game.

Football Frenzy

Football Frenzy is an online football-themed slot that is based on 2014 FIFA World Cup which has a wide selection of favorite slot players and it is best for slot players who are World Cup lovers. The symbols in this game are football-related. The symbols include balls, players, trophies, referees, stadiums, football club logos and fans. There are numerous prizes to be won if you become lucky in the bonus round when you score on penalties.

The champions

The Champions was a release that was aimed to coincide with 2018 World Cup and it is a slot game that lets players play as a participating nation in the competition. When a player selects France as opposed to Panama, your chances of winning are lower although there is a colorful scheme of red, blue and white. When a player moves a target and the ball lands in the space selected, he can increase the winning multiplier by 1. The multiplier can go up to a possible of 20 when you put on the virtual shooting boots. The penalty shootout bonus game can earn you a total of up to 100 times win what you have staked if the five out of five penalties are scored.

20P Shot

This is a video slot game that is beautifully-designed and powered by Inspired Gaming. It is a 3 reel and 5 Paylines slot game with a simple layout. It has quality graphics with its reels featuring themed symbols that are so appealing to any football enthusiast. It has several attractive symbols which include players, balls, referee and flag colors. The bet sizes in this game are from A£0.20 to A£100 and the 20P can be used by both low and high rollers in the game. It has the Fortune bet feature which is the center of attraction of the slot. It is what changes the symbol that is most rewarding to a Wild Symbol.

Football Champions cup

This is a video slot that was released during the 2016 European Championships by NetEnt. Since then, it has been through a transition and now other teams from the rest of the world have been featured to bring in the World Cup gaming experience. It has the bonus feature that makes it a top-notch game for football game lovers. It features a penalty shootout comp and in the Football Champions Cup as you can become a keeper as well as a penalty taker. As a penalty taker you earn cash money when you score and as a keeper, your winnings are multiplied. You can progress in the competition when you collect special goal Wilds win over opponents. The more you progress, the more winnings you make and in case your team becomes a winner there is a monster pay-out.
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