MCFC training report 31/08/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 31 August 2012 13:22

MCFC training report 31/08/2012

One SS in and maybe another gone. Sinclair trained today and looked... a bit like Gael Clichy through the netting.

19 on show today with Mario out very early and chatting away with coaches. Sinclair came out to be greeeted by Mancini who introdued him to the other coaches. A bit surprised to see Dedryk again so I can only assume that loan deal didnt happen. After the initial jog it was into keep ball circles really close to the fencing I was behind. Still plenty of fun around even without Nigel and Micah and the loudest I heard were Joleon,Zaba and Kolarov. Then a strong pass/move session to really get the legs going before going into the 2 games, one with small nets and then with big nets and only headers allowed to score.The only goal I saw was Rodders from a Silva chip.

It was about then that NMT mentioned the twitter rumour that we were in for David Villa for up to £60m. Apparaently based on a picture on Twitter showing him walking in with a security guy here. As it happens he walked past just at the right moment and we checked. Surprise surprise total garbage. Back to the training and golden goal was announced and despite an audacious overhead from Mario, Edin hitting a post, Kolo clearing brilliantly off the line it took a while and I think it was Dedryk who got it or maybe he passed to the skipper to score I am not sure.

Onto a full game on half a pitch with Joe in one net and Richard Wright in the other. An early goal came from a great Carlos cross and an equally good Mario header at the back post. Joe Hart was as loud as ever but RW not so much. It will be interesting to see if he becomes a shouter. The equaliser wasnt far away and all you have do to is picture the equaliser on THAT DAY from a Silva corner. Silva tried again shorytly after but Vinnie's header was saved by RW.

It was Silva the goalscorer next amid shouts for offside or something but Kidd gave the goal. Next a screamer from Carlos equalled the scores and with his left foot too! Quickly followed by a Kolo break down the middle, a great 1 on 1 save but Carlos netted the rebound. A short but entertaining game with Sinclair looking very neat and tidy, Rodders impressive with his all round game, good to see all the strikers finding the net and even Joleon went forward on a run after an interception.

A few regulars stayed for some shooting practice (JM/AK/MB/SS). That after SS had quite a long chat with Mancini, Platt with Nasri and then later with SS. Some great saves from Wright, one absolute screamer from Mario and then RW had his penalty initiation from Mario. He didnt move and yes it went in.

Clichy stayed back (what a pro this guy is) alongside Kolo for some defensive work. As I left there were loads of fans milling around the front gate plus, inevitably press and cameras hoping to see a new star come in.