Google changes their online casino ads policy in Pennsylvania

By Guest writer, Mon 23 December 2019 09:53

Google changes their online casino  ads policy in Pennsylvania 

Starting in December 2020, people living in Pennsylvania will see ads for online casinos when they use Google.
The tech giant has recently announced that it allow online casino operators in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey to promote their services in the US starting this month. This is just the beginning for the gambling-related change of Google Ads policy, because starting next year, the advertising restrictions will be lifted completely in all 50 states.

Where exactly will the ads be displayed?

This policy change will allow online casino owners to run their ads via Google Ads, Google Display Network, Youtube, and Admob. These platforms have different and specific niches:

  • Google Ads is the most common form of online advertising and its main focus is on pay-per-click keywords;
  • Display Network refers to all the websites and apps where an ad can potentially appear, which can reach around 90% of the Internet users around the world;
  • Youtube places ads before or during a video posted by a user;
  • AdMob is used to advertise in mobile apps.

Unfortunately, the Google Ad Manager will remain off-limits for the gambling ads. The marketers in online advertising will have a few extra steps to take into consideration, such as getting certifications that assure no underaged persons will have access and to make sure they have the “responsible gambling” message.

Google – the land of freedom for online casinos

Digital marketing has recently become the main ad medium in the US. Based on the latest statistics, 75% of the marketing budget goes to Google Adwords campaigns. Google is the global industry leader, owning 37% of the online advertising market. In 2018, their revenue from ads was worth over 100 billion dollars.

Another important player in the online marketing business is Facebook. Even though it accounts for 22 percent of the online ad revenue, the social media company has not yet announced any changes to their online casino policies. Any gambling-related content is forbidden, no matter the country you’re in. However, in certain non-US countries, they allow advertising for the play-for-fun versions of slots or table games.

On the other hand, Google already lets casino businesses advertise in some countries, but they announced that the Google Play Store will continue with the demo-only policy and will not allow real money casino apps to be downloaded.

All in all, the fact that they are modifying their policies, allowing this niche to do online advertising represents a big win for both the owners of online platforms and the US citizens that enjoy gambling, but they find themselves not having enough time to go to a land-based casino.

How will this affect you as an Internet user?

Well, once the advertisements for gambling website are going to appear in your searches, you might find yourself tempted to try your luck on one of these online casinos. That’s great news, but you have to stay informed. These online platforms usually have some strings attached, especially to their bonus offers. We highly recommend you read specialty forums or blogs that can give you a professional overview of the casinos and help you make a better decision that can lead to a better overall experience.