MCFC training report 29/08/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Wed 29 August 2012 15:01

MCFC training report 29/08/2012

After a day off it was back to work at Carrington with everyone bar Sergio and Micah and a bunch from the EDS to help out (RW/RM/JH/FM/LS and AN) RSC still with the group and surprisingly to me so was Dedryk as I though he had gone on loan. Security on view again today plus others trying to fix the curtains wherever there were holes!

Early jogging was followed by a split into 3 groups for some serious fitness work. It was over on the furthest pitch away which just happens to have no "curtain" to stop the viewing which made a nice change.

Quite a tough albeit shortish session this one followed by a pass and move session which was also quite strong. Then it was over for some shooting practice. Another good sharp session where the players did a couple of one-twos before finishing with a shot on goal. Some decent finishing, excellent saves and my pick of the bunch would be Jack Rodwell with some really composed finishes.

Then the boss took them all away for some tactical work and then for a sort of game on a full pitch although it was more like 11 against 9. Plenty of attacking play of course but I got the feeling that Mancini was probably more concerned with the defensive unity. Not just of the team being put under pressure but also of the attacking team in the event of a breakaway as he maintained a position at half way to see the positional play closely.

Then a game to finish with on about half a pitch. Not everyone took part in the game (no names, I will leave that to the OS!) but an early goal with a really good finish at the back post from Nigel from a Milner cross. Not much to aim at but he squeezed it in. The game was good with defences just about winning the day until a great fast cross from Gael was met by Edin with a top header. Very quickly after that Edin got a short pass and sidefooted a right footer into the corner for another quality finish.

A late bit of serious action was a tackle by Kolarov on Carlos just as he was about to score. Made me wince a little but it was good and so was Carlos. As with his finishing Rodders stood out for me with good quality in a deep lying role. Overall a good session, everyone in good spirits and quite a long one as well today.