MCFC training report 23/08/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 23 August 2012 16:07

MCFC training report 23/08/2012

An afternoon session only today after the double work out yesterday.Got there early and Fausto was already out setting everything up.I had to move quickly as the sprinklers started spraying the fencing (and the pitches) but I need the exercise.A few others came to watch and they got the best view I think perched high in a tree.

18 involved today with a few missing no doubt resting a niggle after yesterday's hard work but great to see Barry continuing his recovery and effectively doing his pre season and looking good. Jogs and stretched followed by a routine in and out of cones just to get them warmed up and then a few minutes just passing the ball around in 2's and 3's.Interesting to see how closely Mancini and all the coaches were watching them during this last bit.

Then into a pass/move/pressing session.I got the feeling it was quite a gentle session today after the double yesterday and no doubt to build up again in the days before the scouse game.Next was a pass/move/pressing session which was a really good work out.Loads of quality on view and although it's not about tackling there was some good physical contests going on.The movement, touch and energy was all on show and good to watch.When it ended I was looking forward to a game but that was it!

Most went in but a few did some shooting work.Hitting a ball into a wall,taking it back to lay off to a coach who plays it back and then go onto shoot.That sort of shooting practice! That was for Mario,RSC,Barry and Silva whilst Milner did some extras with a physio (no surprise Milner does extra).

Mancini didnt watch all of this as he washaveing 1 to 1 chats with various players. Rodders to start with but also Joe,Silva and no doubt others I might have missed.Then as Mario was the last man still shooting Platt and Mancini joined him for some shooting practice of their own. Platt again was good but Roberto not at his best today.