History in Europe

By Guest writer, Mon 23 September 2019 16:12

History in Europe 

Despite Manchester City being a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League today, the same cannot be said about the team's European career. It has been over 40 years since the club last saw any silverware come home from Europe.

The 1970's

Manchester City won their fist and only European trophy in the 1969/70 EUFA Cup Winner's Cup. Despite this being their only victory, the team was a contender throughout the decade. During the 1970's, Man City would reach a quarter-final and a semi-final of the EUFA Cup as it was known back then. Although the were frequent visitors to Europe throughout the decade, they did have a 4 year absence from the tournament, from 1972/73 until 1976/77 which was broke by the team winning the 1976 League Cup final.

Despite reaching one semi-final and one quarter-final during the 70's these two would come eight years apart, with three first round exists in between.

The 1980's & 90's

During two whole decades of football, Manchester City was unable to reach any European competitions. In fact, the team was severely struggling in the English divisions, reaching a low of third tier division back in 1998/99, They would have qualified during the 1991/92 and 92/93 seasons, as they finished 5th in the Premier League. But the Heysel Stadium disaster has banned English teams, and were now only returning. Which meant England had a reduced allocation until 1995.

Those were the only two seasons the team could have qualified for any European competition. It was only due to circumstances outside of the team's control that they could not participate.

Returning to Europe in the 2000's

Finally, Manchester City returned to Europe in the 2003/04 season. This was because of the EUFA Respect Fair Play Ranking, which ranks teams on discipline and positive play. While this is not the conventional way to qualify, the team qualified nonetheless. Despite this success, they would again suffer a five year European draught and not qualify again until 2008/09, where they once again qualified thanks to the Fair Play Ranking.

Team success, both in the Premier League, and therefore, automatic qualification for a European tournament would not arrive until 2010/11, where a fifth place in the Premier League would see them qualifying for the Europe League.

Since then, the Manchester City has been consistently involved in European tournaments, more specifically The EUFA Champions League. However, they have seen little success, only reaching one semi-final in 2015/16 and two quarter-finals in the last two seasons (2017/18 & 18/19).

This Season

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For now, we keep our fingers crossed that Manchester City can bring home some European success this season.