Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne Has His Say On Defying Expectations

By Guest writer, Wed 04 September 2019 13:54

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne Has His Say On Defying Expectations 

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne has created quite the stir with comments hinting that changes are to come following the Premier League championship. Naturally, the internet was abuzz with interest and many have made their own assumptions as to what the Man City midfielder angled at.

What Went Down

Mark Noble, captain of West Ham United, had only recently made a suggestion on the opening game to be Manchester City, the best time to play the team. After a strong 5-0 defeat, Pep Guardiola spoke out about the first half of the match.

These matches are amongst some of the biggest for Manchester City as renowned sites like All Bets attract avid supporters to wager on players and matches. This adds more pressure, especially when the entire world is watching. Thankfully Guardiola has given many some hope in the upcoming winter schedule.

Pep Guardiola took over from Man City manager in 2017 and only two short years later there have been some great improvements. However, none were seen following the recent match, while many will argue that the first half may not have been the greatest but it was still a good match. Guardiola has a reputation for being one of the best managers with an amazing history behind his name.

The Manchester City manager spoke to the media stating the tea struggled to ‘click’ and many are still seeing this as an outcome. Guardiola went on to say the tea struggled for attacking ease at the London Stadium and again the team’s defence was exposed at Bournemouth. Needless to say, there have been some speculations as to what has caused this slump and if the Premier League championship will change the team upon closing.

Kevin De Bruyne made a public comment, to which all can relate, especially De Bruyne’s teammates when he told the media that he didn’t believe he played his best game. He went on to say that August was one of those games, where he was just trying to find the rhythm and that September is an easier month. This comment hinted at change and Man City fans ears perked up by De Bruyne’s comment.

Man City has been training ahead of Brighton and many feel the team haven’t been showing up to the matches, not fully anyway.

Man City’s lowest point season was in December when key players were missed from matches. This has a detrimental effect on the team. The winter calendar proved to be as severe on the team as the summer calendar with more injuries to follow suit. With a busier upcoming game schedule, many are wondering if the tea will face more strain. Only time will tell as September is fast approaching and fans are hoping the winter will be kinder to the blues than the summer schedule was in December up until August.

Pep Guardiola’s Team’s Best and Worst of the First Premier League Title

Manchester made it into the second Premier League title and not without a fight. Liverpool was the champion team to take the title. The cup has been sought by the blues for some time and many had hoped with the arrival of two-time championship winner manager, Pep Guardiola, the cup wouldn’t have been so elusive. However, that was unfortunately not the case for the Man City team.

In the two year rule of Guardiola, the Manchester club has lost to Liverpool and then again the following year to Tottenham Hotspur. The team has since faced both memorable and hopefully forgettable moments. But the team has yet to feel discouraged and some even feel there may be hope in the upcoming season beginning in September.

In other news, it is expected that Manchester City’s midfielder, David Silva, will be leaving the team mat the end of the 2019/2020 season. This has left many in limbo concerned if now is the time for players to be looking at leaving, especially after losing the first half of the premier league to Liverpool.

Of course, it is natural for members to look into leaving after such a busy season and Guardiola has been recruiting new players under his ‘mystery’ list. Guardiola has also described Silva to be one of the most intelligent players to play football adding that he thought the midfielder was really good, one of the best. The former Barcelona manager went on to say he was happily surprised to see Silva push through the season despite being small in stature.

With the season drawing to a close and time fast approaching, fans will be disheartened to see such a prolific player leave the blues.

Only time will tell how the second half of the Premier League champions title treats Manchester City, but fans are hopeful and supportive and Kevin De Bruyne believes September will turn things around for the Blues.