Pre Season: Is it a good marker for the season ahead?

By Guest writer, Tue 27 August 2019 19:46

Pre Season: Is it a good marker for the season ahead? 

With the season coming upon us at a seriously fast rate, it’s important to look at the pre season preparations that Man City have carried out so far and wonder whether they have been a success or not. The first thing to look at is the Asia Cup. The performance in the Asia Cup was on the whole good. West Ham were dispatched with relative ease and although Wolves were able to win the game on penalties, it’s safe to say that the result flattered them. On top of this, Wolves are no longer the second division team unlikely to do anything impressive anymore, they are a well drilled outfit who had an impressive record against the top six last season. 

So despite the good start to the pre season campaign, especially in terms of performances, what does this actually say about the season ahead. You often can’t tell much about the season ahead in terms of league positions from pre season. In fact some people think they are pointless, however this is evidently not the case. Players need to get back up to speed and pre season games are the best way to do this. 

In fact, if you ignore the results and look at the performances then you often can tell a lot about the season ahead. When deciding on who you think is going to win the league this coming season, a lot of fans look to pre season performances to make their choice. Betting choices for league winners are often made through how fit and hungry a team looks in their pre season preparations. In fact, when considering your bets for this season, it makes sense to take a look at the pre-seasonal activities by the teams. This may include match friendlies, and also management and player performance. Our friends at Soccerbetting will provide you with an interesting read about all the important factors to help you architect your best betting strategy by looking at how pre-season results are moving forwards and gathering insight into any new patterns of play or tactics. This means that you will have a head start when it comes to making any pre-season picks for who is going to win trophies over the course of the season. This way you will be able to get the best odds if you have a head start on who is looking good for the season ahead. 

Each individual game doesn’t define the season ahead, the whole pre season together does that. By watching exactly how the team prepares, how much they seem to want to win and how fit they are it’s easy to see whether they are going to do well or not next season. From the looks of the pre season that Man City have been through so far, Pep has got us looking good to fight on all four fronts again. In fact, we look sharper and stronger than we did when we ended the season. Can we go all the way and win the quadruple? That remains to be seen, but with how we look so far, it would be a mistake to bet against us. 

One additional thing we have noticed about pre season this year is just how sharp Wolves looked when we played them. They may not be ready to challenge us for the title, but judging from their performance against us in pre season they are just as hungry and fit as we are, they might be pushing for one of the places in the top six. Perhaps next season some of their players will be joining us during pre season!