The best games and apps for Man City fans

By Guest writer, Sat 29 June 2019 16:31

The best games and apps for Man City fans 

On the face of it, there has never been a better time to support Manchester City. After all, the club has just won back-to-back EPL titles, whilst also claiming an unprecedented domestic treble last season.

Under the stewardship of the brilliant Pep Guardiola, City have also developed an aggressive and swashbuckling style play that’s incredibly difficult to stop on any given day.

Fortunately for the Citizens, it has also never been easier to follow Manchester City in real-time and have the very latest news and action delivered straight to their smartphone. In fact, here some of the very best games and apps that make the typically journey as a City fan even more enjoyable!

  1. CityApp – Manchester City FC

We start with the number one ranked app for City fans, and one that’s also available on both iOS and Android platforms.

It certainly has everything that you could ever require in a licensed app, from the very latest videos and news articles to the main highlights from every single game.

This app is also free to download, although you do need to have a social media account if you’re to register and create an account. This means that it’s relatively easy to enjoy everything that this app has to offer, whilst logging in can be a truly seamless and simplistic process.

  1. A Manchester City Forum

The viability of a particular app depends largely on your own unique expectations, and if you’re in the market for regular interaction with your fellow Citizens then we may have the perfect tool for you.

‘A Manchester City’ forum is a tool that drives incredible levels of interaction between users, who can log in to discuss the latest issues and action in great detail.

It’s also a super app to use during the summer, as the transfer window opens and fans speculate about which players are likely to join in time for the new season.

  1. A Betting app

Now’s the time for a slight departure, as most sports betting app are not directly affiliated with Manchester City.

However, these types of apps today offer an outstanding platform that enables punters to track results, stream selected games and wager on the outcomes of individual matches.

This can introduce a thrilling dimension to any sports’ viewing experience, with the in-play market particularly alluring to fans on the move.

As if this isn’t enough, most sports betting apps also offer casino and all the popular and latest online bingo games, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to pass the time in-between City matches!

  1. Manchester City News

We close with the Manchester City Football News app, which is a dedicated EPL application that provides detailed updates in real-time to users.

This app also features insightful Tweets and Stats pages, and whilst these can occasionally be slow to load they offer considerable value to users.

The good news here is that the app enables you access news pertaining to other sides too, so you can keep track of your rivals during the course of the season!