MCFC training report 17/08/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 17 August 2012 13:26

MCFC training report 17/08/2012

Back again and happily they trained today on the pitch where I can see most. Busy as usual with the media all over the place for the regular press briefing and photographers also looking for whatever they can get.Plenty of them looking sunburned from a day waiting for RVP's medical.

21 players on show today and good to see Barry fully involved.Looks like his recovery is going well even if he must be behind the rest in his pre season work.Of the younger ones only Boyata and Razak involved as any others would be away with the U 21's for the Chelsea game tonight.

AJ out early and in conversation with Lescott and Milner. James had a heavy strapping on one arm but it's about par for the course for him to have a war wound but just carry on.Mancini arrived and greeted many of those returning from internationals with a handshake including Edin and then it was all gather round for the usual pre session briefing.It was a longer one than usual.

Then off altogether for one of those sessions working on shape and formation that were so regular in Mancini's early days.Good to have a reminder and no doubt to include work on 3 at the back positioning and of course good for Rodwell.Them all back for a game of pass and move of 10 a side with Gareth Barry having the floating role.Good sharp session this and always a pleasure to watch Yaya the boss and the control he has.Everyone looked really at it.

Quite a few lucky souls inside watching the training and just a litle galling to see some of them not actually interested in what was going on.Then to my surprise it all ended and I would guess it was 40 maybe 45 minutes in total. A few stayed out.Rodwell just working with Kidd.Vinnie passing a ball around with Boyata and Razak,Barry doing a little extra fitness work as was Lescott.

Maybe there could be a 2nd session today but I doubt it.More likely they are quite happy with the fitness levels being shown and there will be stuff going on inside in preparation for the Sunday game.

Oh I nearly forgot,Rodders looks a quality assured player.