5 Tips to help you find the top online football betting sites for a punt on Man City

By Guest writer, Tue 14 May 2019 14:28

5 Tips to help you find the top online football betting sites for a punt on Man City 

There are only three games left in the Premier and it still is a thrilling season. With Manchester City just one point ahead of Liverpool, the outcome could be decided by the smallest of margins. For those who want to make a punt: now is the right time to decide on your favourite.

Will Manchester City bring the trophy home this season? (photo: pixabay)

As the Premier League is the most viewed and highest grossing professional sports division in the world, the excitement reaches its climax as the last games of the season are coming up. But not all of the fun happens on the football field, the Premier League is also the most popular betting market. After Manchester City won the important game against Manchester United on Wednesday, a lot of people will take a punt on Man City this week.

But which site should you choose to place a bet? Here are five tips on how to find the top online football betting site.

Tip 1: Compare the Betting Sites

As football betting is by far the biggest betting market in the world, there are dozens of online betting platforms that offer different betting options. Therefore, it is important to compare them with each other. Some platforms only offer betting before the matches take place while others offer in-play betting and live streaming, which can be a lot of fun betting as the action takes place. Look out for bookmakers that offer access to both options easily. To give you an overview, visit a trustful comparing website like onlinesportsbettingsites.uk which shows the most popular operators and gives you a variety of football betting offers.

Tip 2: Choose a Site that offers Maximum Protection

To place a bet, you need to choose a platform, which means you have to decide on a bookmaker. As you’re putting some hard-earned money on one of the sites you want to make sure that you choose a platform that you can trust. Usually, you can find these by looking for websites that are regulated by top jurisdictional groups, such as the UK Gambling Commission.

Tip 3: Check the Reputation

Nowadays, everyone who books something, such as a hotel room or a restaurant table, has the possibility to leave a review. Same goes for online betting. A top betting website will prove its success with a solid reputation. That should mainly be dictated by fair betting odds that are provided by the website and a variety of different betting options. It says a lot about the bookmaker and how they operate if they make constant payouts on time.

Tip 4: Compare the Best Football Odds

Once you have compared the platforms you should have a look for the best football odds for Man City. Check some bookmakers to find out how the odds look on other platforms to get the best return. When you are thinking about putting in a bigger amount of money, the different odds can make a huge difference to your win.

Tip 5: Take Advantage of the Welcome Bonus

Most of the best football betting sites offer a welcome bonus that you could use to your advantage, such as free bets or a certain bonus that you can use for your first games. Make sure to choose an operator that offers the best deal for you. To get the welcome bonus, you usually have to sign up and make a deposit to the bookmaker. But whilst this sounds like a good offer, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus so you don’t end up losing your deposit in the end.

Will Man City bring the Trophy Home?

With these five simple steps you are now ready for putting a punt on Man City. But will the team be able to bring home the trophy after all? After winning the important derby on Wednesday, it seems very likely for them to win the three remaining games and the odds are in their favour. Whilst the history of Man City shows that the club is able to handle the pressure of the run in, retaining the premier league trophy for two consecutive seasons is a big challenge. Liverpool, on the other hand, face the pressure from not having lifted the trophy for more than 30 years so it may be that Manchester City is the best bet.