Top Earners at Manchester City

By Guest writer, Fri 05 April 2019 13:37

Top Earners at Manchester City 

Soccer is a sport that is very generous when it comes to paying its players. No one has really understood why soccer players are paid so much. Anyways, that's a topic for another day. For now, we want to look at the highest paid players in Manchester City. Maybe after we spend 90 minutes on the soccer field, we also understand why the players are paid so much.

Top Paid Players at Manchester City

Some UK and Australian casinos are currently running a number of promotions and betting odds on the below stars. Let’s see who are the most paid stars at Man-City.

Kevin De Bruyne

Number one on the list goes to Kevin De Bruyne. The midfielder is belived to earn a whopping £300,000 a week after bonuses. Before playing for Manchester City, he played for Chelsea in 2012, this is where he began his career. From there he was loaned to Werder Bremen in 2014. He then signed for Wolfsburg the following season where he was named the footballer of the year in Germany. It was his performance for this team that made Man City sign him in 2015.

Sergio Aguero

Sergio has been one of Man City’s top players since he signed from Atletico Madrid in 2011. Therefore, it is with no shock that he also among the top paid players in the club. He earns £250, 000 a week. After breaking Eric Brook’s 78-year-old record, Sergio is the leading goal scorer for Man City.

David Silva

David Silia has been labelled as one of the most gifted players in Premier League. He is a selfless Spaniard who plays for the badge and has been in the club for 8 years. Imagine if players could play at the same online casino for more than 8 years. They would have earned loyalty points that would be equal to Silva’s £220, 000 salary. The only difference being that what would take both British and us online casino players 8 years to make, David Silva makes in a week.