Real Reasons Why English Premier League is the Most Elite Football League?

By Guest writer, Fri 05 April 2019 13:35

Real Reasons Why English Premier League is the Most Elite Football League? 

Overhyped, overrated? Maybe. But the actual fact is that there is a real reason why the English Premier League is the best domestic soccer league in the world including America. The League, in its current incarnation,has 20 seasons under its belt and is incredibly popular throughout the world. The league is the most watched on television, most played and most consumed. And by now you should be asking yourself why all this hype.

Well, there are real reasons why this top of the bar soccer league has reached this certain climax. To be where it is now is not a piece of cake. A lot of hard work was imposed for the league to continue the dominance of the world’s beautiful game. Here are some of the reasons why we shower them with so many praises.

English Premier League Local Derbies

England is the most densely populated country. Therefore, more reasons why it produces some rich local derbies. Come to think of it. The Manchester derby, the North London derby, the Merseysidederby. It can be disputed that none of them can match the real significance of Real Madrid and Barcelona. But the derbies will always be the main highlights on live broadcasting. Moreover, they also produce some unexpected results and some thrilling performances. Think of Arsenal versus Tottenham Hot Spurs or Manchester United versus Manchester City. These derbies captivate a huge football audience despite the fact that they are perhaps not as globally popular teams as, say, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The Premier League Style

No one will even doubt that style of play in the Premier League is actually top of the bar. The league carries a lot of talented players. These players produce some top quality performance with a lot of pace and power. That's the unique premier league style. And that style of play has generated a huge fan base in the past 20 years of its existence. We’ve also seen the rise of sports betting in the UK, Africa and New Zealand. According to, UK gambling industry now takes £14bn a year from gamblers.

Above all, if you want to watch the best, exciting, jaw-dropping football with a lot of skill, strength and drama. The premier league have it for you on the hot seat.