What are the chances of Manchester City winning the title?

By Guest writer, Mon 18 March 2019 12:21

What are the chances of Manchester City winning the title? 

Ah, football is so unpredictably exciting- that's what so great about it! It keeps you an on the edge of your chair during the game, and during the championship proper.

It's pure thrill all year long.

So will City be able to pull it off?

Let's find out right now!

Yes - Reasons Why

1) They've done it before
Not only that- they've crushed it!
They finished last season with a 19 points lead.
That's a huge advantage, a buffer, a moat they've built around themselves, and that lets them have:

  • a day,
  • or two,
  • or three off,

and still keep a solid lead.

2)- They know they can do it
They did it before- they'll do it again.
The players are bursting with confidence, which just might be a hurdle too steep for their competitors to overcome. It's hard playing against someone who's literally at the top of the world.

3)- Guardiola knows how to win
He's one of the best coaches in the world. He' already lifted two European cups with Barcelona and knows how to bring home the silverware.
The thing is, his hunger for the biggest of trophies, and his insatiable thirst for the biggest of successes rubs off his players big time.

No- Reasons why

1) You can't predict football with certainty
Like I mentioned at the beginning, football is a game of skill and chance, and that's the joy of it. And if you’re a gambling man, I’m sure you’re familiar with the excitement of gambling on sports.
No one can, with absolute certainty say City will win this years title; or that they won't.
We'll have to wait and see.

2) Luck can run out
So much of football is pure skill know-how and brilliance of the players. But rest is pure luck.

  • Beneficial refereeing decisions
  • hot streaks in front of goal;

Those can't last forever and once luck leaves, the (extraordinary) results abate too.

3) They're fighting against tradition
Manchester City is fighting against history. No team has successfully defended the Premier League since Manchester United did it in 2009.
Why is it so hard?
Because top teams often spread themselves too thin and lose focus.
They’re at the top for a reason and they go far in all tournaments they participate in.
For example, Manchester City never won Champions League, so it's their priority this year.
If it happens they go far, it could happen that other tournaments will get neglected a little.
But that "little" is much in a competitive landscape that is Premier League.

4) There's too much pressure on Guardiola
Part of the reason he was brought to City is so he can help the team win their first Champion League. But he's also expected to win everything else, and, though I'm not Guardiola, I'm pretty sure he's feeling some heat.


So, what are the chances of Manchester City winning the title? They have on their side:

  • experience
  • great team
  • great coach

They're battling against:

  • tradition that says no team can win Premier League back-to-back
  • mounting pressure
  • divided focus across championships

My verdict: I don't know - we'll just have to see!

Ah, how anticlimactic.