Coming Back After Injury: Ben Coker

By Guest writer, Thu 28 February 2019 10:09

Coming Back After Injury: Ben Coker 

A Southend United player Ben Coker has suffered a serious and damaging knee injury in November 2018. The diagnosis was 12-18 months out of playing, totally. For 99 percent of football players, this means almost an end to a career, and definitely a lot of troubles generally. However, Ben decided to document his rehabilitation and become an example of how a committed person can manage even such a serious case.

For those who see football only as entertainment, the source of entertainment can be anything, such as online casino reviews ; however, when football is a profession and job, an injury can take everything away. When Ben became aware he would be out of the club, and even his general health was under the risk, he just burst out crying he says now.

On November 12th, 2018, he had surgery on his knee. His girlfriend and also his dog were very supportive of Ben, and he states he would not be able to manage without them. Already on day 3 after the surgery, he started to make small exercise to allow the muscles to work at least a bit. In a week, he was out of the house for the first time. Ben took his rehabilitation seriously and made efforts to not overstrain the knee, and yet, he wanted the process to go as fast as possible.

In eight weeks, Ben was able to stand and also walk slowly without crutches. He came back to the Southend United training grounds to start the next period of rehabilitation. One of the important aspects of it is massage on a regular basis. Also, the doctor checks the knee to make sure that physical strain on it works the right way, and the bones do not get displaced.

While Ben seems to be getting better very quickly and efficiently, the point is not to make him play as soon as possible. The main point is to help the body restore itself fully, and regain all the previous functionality, at the same time making sure the once damaged knee will never affect Ben’s playing and well-being. This is the hardest goal to reach, and that is why Ben and his team of doctors proceed very slowly about everything.

Another aspect that makes things more complicated is that Ben is actually type I diabetic, and he is the only type I diabetic currently playing in the Pl and EFL. Watching the condition was an issue before, but after the injury and surgery, Ben is even more cautious and attentive. He underlines that routine is the key aspect in life when one wants to achieve anything, from career to rehabilitation.

Ben is an inspiration not only as a professional football player, but also as a type I diabetic professional football player, and also as a person who makes all steps for sound and quick rehabilitation after a serious knee injury. A lot of people have something to learn from Ben, for sure.

The rehabilitation process goes on currently, and Ben already makes plans about returning to the field.