Football Bets for Manchester City - The Top Tips

By Guest writer, Tue 19 February 2019 11:34

Football Bets for Manchester City - The Top Tips  

The race to the Premier League title is almost coming to an end. The teams have less than 12 games to play before it is all over. So guess who is sitting at the top of the league table? Yes, you guessed it right, Manchester City is leading with 65 points followed very closely by Liverpool.

If you can go back to last year a time like this after 16 games, it was clear that Man City was going to win the Premier League title which they did. So this begs the question, will Pep Guardiola's get to win the title the second time in a row? They have won three of the last seven titles but this season seems like it is going to be competitive than ever. They are facing stiff competition from the Reds and Tottenham Hotspurs. Guardiola's team have a lot to juggle as they are eyeing their fourth silverware.

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Manchester City has continuously been the crème del creme of England, and they don't look like they want to lose that prestige anytime soon. However, they lost four points in the last stages of the Champions League. Despite this, their previous match against Chelsea was one which showed that Man City is a force to reckon with in England. They practically demolished the Blues 6-0 in a game which many people will not forget for the rest of the year.

Their next match will be against Schalke 04. If you are a fan then am sure you have high hopes with this match which will be held on February 20 at Gelsenkirchen. Although you should not undermine Schalke since they will be in their home ground; thus, they have the upper hand. You should watch the star-studded event because you may never know the German side might have a weapon up their sleeve.

Betting odds for Manchester City winning the Premier League

Man City has continuously been a top favorite for bettor's to back or lay their results. They have broken records on their way to the title such as having the most significant winning margin in the history of the premier league. They had finished 19 points ahead of the second winning club Manchester United.

The club has been backed by many bookmakers to win the title. For instance, Bet365 has predicted that Man City has 1.6 odds of winning.

If you are looking to bet on the team, then the best time is during the closing season. You can also take advantage of the various particular odds to win the league. However, the league is unpredictable; you have to keep tabs on who is going to win the title.