Rivalries that Manchester City has against Manchester United and Liverpool FC

By Guest writer, Tue 18 December 2018 15:52

Rivalries  that Manchester City has against Manchester United and Liverpool FC 

The football world is dominated by some very fierce rivalry throughout the season, but nothing compares to matches between two rival football clubs. Whether it is a Derby, El Clasico or something else, all these matches echo only one feeling – passion. The intensity and emotion that players show in the pitch and the ambiance created by fans in the stadium during the greatest rival matches remain unequaled.

For over a century now, the world has observed plenty of some outstanding rivalries develop contributing to the exciting history and diverse culture that football clubs have had since their launch. Several players, coaches, and managers have come and left, but the traditions, legacy, and rivalries of the clubs have been passed on. This rivalry has even affected the way fans do their sports betting. This is because individuals bet with their emotions high. Only to have incited the rivalries even more. Here will take a look at two main rivalries that Manchester City has against Manchester United and Liverpool FC.

Manchester City Vs. Manchester United

This rivalry dates back to the 1890s, with Manchester City being the dominant club in the city before World War two and Manchester United growing strong and becoming successful in the 1950s to 2000s. City's decline began in the 1990s when United was rising progressively, but Manchester City made a comeback after ten years of being owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan.

Throughout this decade, the biggest match in the world has been Manchester City vs. Manchester United as the two football clubs battle it out for the Premier League title. The rivalry was at its peak between 2011 and 2013 when there was a lot of pressure to win these games, and every encounter had a crucial impact on the results of the Premier League title. United's recent plunge has left City with more direct rivals over the past recent years, but this rival will always be there even in the years to come.

Manchester City Vs. Liverpool

This is not one of the classic rivalries in English football, with both clubs
customarily directing their energies toward Manchester United. Manchester City and Liverpool and Manchester City had been rivals briefly in the 1960s until the current competition for the premier league title began recently in 2013-2014. The Man City and Liverpool rivalry have intensified in last season as the two teams prepared for battling out for the Premier League title. Although Manchester City walked away with the title this year, the only team capable of closing the gap is Liverpool.

Liverpool has begun the current season like a house on fire, and these two great football teams will be locking horns more than any team across all matches of this season. The developing rivalry is not filled with hatred yet, as some supporters from either side are trying to make it look that way. There has been respect between the two teams, and history shows no bad blood only a mutual admiration at their particular dislike for Man United. However, as Liverpool get closer to Man City in this season’s league, we may start seeing the relationship turn a little sourer as the pressure increases.