Training report 29/09/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Thu 29 September 2011 14:55

Training report 29/09/2011

Too hot for training today, yet still three players played in long sleeve gear. I decided to go early today having seen Sky on TV and expecting there would be nowhere left to park. I wasn't far wrong either, as at 10.25 I got the last spot in the layby.

Trouble is they didn't come out for the usual 11am start and it ended closer to 12 but it did give me a chance for a little look at the EDS boys. Cameramen all over the place and even a video crew beind the fence for the first time in ages. Last time they were asked to leave but not this time. A full squad eventually came out in small groups and my guess is the delay (if indeed they were due out earlier) was down to a long talk from the boss. Just me speculating of course.

Once out it was into a few of the usual jogs/stretches and gentle excercises before Mancini took a team away as he does. Exactly the same team as started against Bayern so I don't think that gave anything away re the Blackburn game. Surely we won't be starting the same 11 for that. I didn't watch that closely but a little time spent on things from Tuesday might have been on the cards. The video camera was all over it so if it was sky we might see some of it on telly later. Whilst this was going on the rest did keep ball circle stuff which at one point petered out and the coaches had to kick start it again

Then onto a game with all but one outfield player taking part. Kolo went in but it did include Razak,Nedum and Bridge. Somehow,although competitive,it didnt have the usual zip and intensity that I see so often and there was only one goal coming from Silva. Nice finish from a Mario pass. Defences mostly on top with a few decent saves by both keepers but the only other notable thing was probably Mario getting hurt. Quite a worry for a while but he was up and at it later so I am sure all is well.

As the game ended a few had some shooting practice (AJ & Milner are the two I recall) whilst Zaba did a little extra running and the rest just sat/lay down doing end of session stretching. As I said, too hot for training and I needed a drink.