How to Buy Man City Fan Merchandise Online, and Other Stuff!

By Ian Scott, Thu 19 April 2018 17:12

How to Buy Man City Fan Merchandise Online, and Other Stuff! 

How to Buy Man City Fan Merchandise Online, and Other Stuff!
Before the advent of the Internet, the only place where you could get fan merchandise was at the CoMS. The only way to spend money for leisure was to go out and visit the service/product provider. Nowadays, online shops, online, bookmakers, heck, even online casinos are flourishing. The only prerequisite, you need a payment method. All serious online businesses, such as full time retailers, online vendors, or if you are seeking an adrenaline rush, online casinos, all accept credit cards, but you can also use PayPal in the UK at all of them that boast the PayPal seal! It’s the go-to payment option for online purchases, online deposits, basically transactions of any kind.

But, why PayPal? (Why? Even the Logo is Blue!)

Most of you will not go through the entire article, which is why we’re covering this first. In case you’re going to buy Man City fan merchandise online, or you’re going to devote to earthly pleasures and vices, such as gambling, do so with PayPal.
Because it’s the only payment provider which acts in favor of the buyer, which in this case is you. Whether you’ve made an accidental deposit, an online purchase you can request a refund. If the item is not shipped out already, the vendor will refund you the money, no questions asked. Try doing this with a credit card, and you’ll end up in a world of trouble. And online merchants, basically all online businesses, including the aforementioned online casinos, all of them love PayPal customers, since it’s convenient both for them and for the customer. The best part, the Man City online shop accepts PayPal!

What’s in the Online Catalogue? What Can you Buy?

  • Clothing – get anything from hoodies, hats, scarfs, literally any kind of apparel is available in the online shop. Practically, it makes visiting Etihad for this purpose unnecessary. Shirts, T-shirts, jackets, for men and women, for kids and adults. The offer is diverse, and all items are Man City branded.
  • Equipment – There are Man City fans who are into football or futsal. Well, if you’re one of them, you should check out the equipment tab, because it’s loaded with training equipment, the likes of used by the players we all follow and cheer each week.
  • Homeware – When’s the last time you changed your bed sheets? By changed, we don’t mean switched, but when’s the last time you bought new ones? Why not buy yourself Man City bed sheets and other items of homeware, and support the blues? Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want to appear as if Man City is your life. Not that it isn’t, but people get scared of passionate fans, infamously called fanatics. Are you one?
  • Souvenirs – Not all Man City fans get the opportunity to visit the CoMS. Some live in a different country, others have moved abroad, and some simply can’t come to Manchester, because of their personal reasons. Thanks to the online shop, they too can get their own exclusive, genuine souvenirs carrying the logo of Man City.
  • Gifts – You don’t necessarily have to be a Man City supporter yourself to visit the online shop. You might be looking for a gift for some of your friends who is a cult follower of Man City. Books, cufflinks, ties, premium gifts, watches and much, much more is on display.
  • Official Kits – Last but by all means not least, the official Man City online shop enables individuals from the UK and from around the world to get the official kit. Regardless of which kit you want to buy, whether it’s in stock or out of stock, you will get it, delivered to your door.

Which Currencies are Accepted at the Official Man City Online Shop?

As a proof that the shop is open for both UK and international Man City supporters, you can make purchases in several different currencies. They can be considered as indicators which fans are the most passionate, following domestic UK fans of course. Even if the currency you want to pay with is not listed, payment providers like PayPal, VISA and MasterCard will gladly settle this with a simple currency conversion for a small fee. Of course, GBP is accepted.

  • GBP
  • EUR
  • USD
  • CNY
  • AUD
  • JPY
  • KRW

Advantages of Shopping Fan Stuff Online

  • Clear Overview of All Products – Shopping online enables you to have a clear overview of the entire range of products. You’re just a few clicks away from a different department. In addition, you don’t need anybody’s help to find Home Kit size L, just use the site features, such as the filters and the search box.
  • Delivery to Your Home – Of course, any items bought online are delivered to your home via mail. Not only you support Man City, but you also support the Royal Post.
  • Discounts & Free Stuff – Since online stores have significantly lower overheads, they’re able to offer discounts and give you free stuff, yet still make a profit. Discounts are common in online shopping. Check it out yourself.
  • Completely Hassle Free – Traffic jams, line at the counter, the item you wanted is sold out, all of these can be avoided by shopping online.

The best part, you’re still a full-time Man City supporter. You don’t have to physically visit Etihad, Etihad comes to you!

Disadvantages of Buying Man City Merchandise Online

However, let’s take a step back and take those pink glasses off. Each story has two sides. Note, some of these may not apply to you in particular. Why? Because you might be in CoMS’s neighborhood, or the item you want doesn’t come in different sizes.

  • You Can’t Get the Size Correct – Let’s take kits for example. Getting the correct size can be difficult, especially if you haven’t shopped for apparel yet.
  • Nothing Beats Walking the Halls of CoMS – Hey! To be honest, the stadium looks amazing, and just walking around is exciting, especially if you haven’t visited yet, or you haven’t been there in a while. You can’t get this adrenaline rush if you stay in your comfy, cozy armchair all day long.
  • Certain Products are listed yet Out of Stock – It’s happened to you in the past, it will happen again eventually. You’ve seen the item online, it’s available, in stock, but when you make the purchase it says it’s out of stock.
  • Damaged Goods – Now, clothing and homeware cannot break, but it can be damaged. Basically, anything that gets sent out via mail can be damaged. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the post man’s fault. It can get damaged during packaging, for instance.

Is It Worth Visiting Etihad Solely for Shopping?

It depends. Does this visit include anything else? Do you have anything else to do in the proximity of Etihad? In all honesty, we prefer visiting the stadium. Usually, we do the shopping before the match, but occasionally we visit Etihad during the week. We love taking our friends from out of the city come to Etihad. We love it, they love it, it’s a win-win situation. The casual shopping is followed by mandatory drinks. After all, there’s a long way back to our place. We love the fact that there’s always free parking space. Unless you visit Etihad on match days, you shouldn’t have to worry about parking space.

Buying Tickets Online vs a the Stadium

Personally, if you’re a Cityzen, we recommend buying them online. As a cityzen, you’re not subject to a booking fee, which other regular Man City fans have to cover when they book a ticket for an upcoming match. Of course, this does not apply to season tickets. Even with the current, upgraded CoMS, going to a match without an already purchased ticket is much like playing Russian roulette with 5 bullets in the barrel. It’s extremely unlikely that you’re going to find spare tickets at the stadium.
Another reason why buying Man City season tickets online is recommended is because you can’t lose the receipt. It’s there! Besides buying regular season tickets, there is a ton of other hospitality options which might spark an interest amongst “wealthy” Man City fans.