Will Manchester City remain unstoppable and claim the Premiership?

By Guest writer, Mon 27 November 2017 10:38

Will Manchester City remain unstoppable and claim the Premiership? 

Manchester City looks to be unstoppable at the moment, defeating the strong opponents like Arsenal by 3-1 and going without a loss. The Premiership title looks none other than theirs, as their most important game with Manchester United is just around the corner.

Just this Saturday, they crushed Leicester City 2-0 to maintain the lead of eight points over their nearest rivalin the league. It is their eleventh win of the season so far, besides also completing their sixteenth consecutive win in all competitions which is a record for the club. Is the record breaking season for the club going to continue, or will their dominance be shattered in the coming months?

It will be a little too soon to give a final decision about that, however right now they are looking in the best of their forms. Just this Tuesday in the Champions League, they faced Feyenoord which they won easily by 1-0.
The goal scored by De Bruyne was the 40th of the season for Manchester City, which means that they have now scored 13 goals more than any other team. It looks like no team currently is bringing the fire and aggression that they are bringing.

And that is not to say that they are only winning because of their key players. When Captain Vincent Kompany got himself out of the team due to injury, Manchester City were deprived of their best defender. But that did not stop them from maintaining the brilliant performance. Their manager Pep Guardiola brought in Benjamin Mendy who took up the reins of Manchester’s defenses very well until he too was out of the team. But even then, they found a perfect replacement in Fabian Delph and continued their winning run. This shows the strength of their team.

The current fixtures for Manchester City is not worrying as they will be taking on the teams of Huddersfield, Southampton and West Ham. Although to say that any match in the Premier League is easy will not do justice, however seeing their current performance, they will most likely win these matches as well.

The upcoming matches against the big teams likeManchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool will be the real challenge for the City side as they are expected to win the matches with the low-ranked teams. These opponents will really challenge the bid of Manchester City to be the leaders in the Premier League table.

All the punters would be in a tight fix as to which side they should bet on, because all these teams have been the best in the Premier League since a long time. If you plan to bet on any of those matches, then you should do your necessary research before placing your bets. You can also get free bet up to £50 on Ladbrokes free bet by the simple process of registering at Ladbrokes.

The coming match between Manchester City and Manchester United in the Manchester derby at Old Trafford is going to be extremely interesting as it has always been historically. The United side is looking extremely strong after getting their star players of Paul Pogba, Marcos Rojo and ZlatanIbrahimovic back from injury. Their presence of their star players especially the French midfielder Paul Pogba shows as in the last match against New Castle, they crushed their opponents by 4-1.

Throughout the 90s, Manchester City could not raise its head when the legendary United manager Alex Ferguson was part of the club. The more United made strides of progress, the worse City got, to even such a level that people even started the comparison between the two teams as irrelevant. During all this time, City fans had to endure a lot of jokes and put downs.

Then the semifinal of FA Cup happened on April 16, 2011, which changed the tide completely for Manchester City. After defeating United, they won against Stoke to bring a first trophy after the long period of 35 years. Since that historic moment, City have visited Old Trafford with unthinkable victories of 6-1 and 3-0. Besides they have also earned two league titles to their name.

Now if we compare these two teams, Manchester City seems to be far ahead. In the last three seasons of the Premier League, Manchester United have finished behind Manchester City. Since United’s league title in 2012-13, the United side have come seventh, fourth, fifth and sixth in the table.