Is Manchester City Really Making a Historic Comeback this Fall?

By Guest writer, Wed 22 November 2017 12:14

Is Manchester City  Really Making a Historic Comeback this Fall? 

Often, Manchester City has been classed as a second-rate club, mainly, for its recent failures earlier this year. The team was knocked off from the FA Cup in a humiliating match with Arsenal. Signing Pep Guardiola as a manager of Manchester City was a very clever move, but he has started his time with the team with a controversial move of signing off Joe Hart from the squad last summer, making success extremely hard to reach for the team this year. The coach followed by subbing some stellar names, only to be substituted by novices in the team last season. Adjusting to Guardiola's controversial management has been one of the main causes for the earlier failures, coupled with the lack of depth and the increasing number of injuries in the team. Guardiola himself has admitted to the lack of strong defence and lower striker’s performance.  However, the club itself didn’t suffer so much from redrawing fans, as in recent years, it has adopted innovation to its heart of nourishing a devoted fandom. Manchester City was the first club to launch a new website, 360 VR experience app and a Facebook bot, together with giphy and esports profiles, to re-establish its reputation despite the recent draws and losses. The world of mobile now goes hand in hand with the real-life experience at the stadiums, making it extremely easy for bettors to follow the best deals for their favourite club. Click the following link, and you will see that there are more great mobile betting apps on the market for punters to play with than you think. Fans alike haven’t given up on their favourite club, as the recent frenzy prompted by the latest Manchester City’s victory against Liverpool (5-0) in the Premier League suggests. Here’s how it happened, in case you missed it. 

Best Start of the Premier League Season 

Two years in with Guardiola has proven to be a preparation for a stellar comeback for the Blues this season. With 15 consecutive victories, the club is 8 points clear at the top of the Premier League. Not only that the club has fully recovered from its previous losses, but it has won against Arsenal (3-1), with only 1 match against Everton finishing with a draw (1-1). Manchester City’s recent success is worrying for the other clubs, as the Blues finished 3rd with 15 points behind Chelsea in the last term. With +31 goal difference, it seems that Guardiola has learnt from the team’s previous mistakes and his initial controversial shuffles. Now, the Blues seem unbeatable, but how long could they keep up the bar so high? According to the BBC, the Blues have often shown a digression over the winter season, due to injuries and fixture conditions. Too good might not be good at all in the case of this club, but Manchester City have more tricks up their sleeve than any other club in the League. For example, if a player like Sergio Aguero is injured, there’s always someone like Gabriel Jesus to save the day. Even if they mark a dip this winter, they’re certain to be too many points ahead for this to matter on their overall performance. After all, with 29 points ahead of 10 victorious matches just at the start of the League’s season, the Blues are now the fastest scoring team in European football history. 

Best Players to Follow 

Only by taking a look at the Blues’ best game this season, you’d be sure to find out the best players to follow. The impressive 7-2 against Stroke is undoubtedly their best game of this year’s season. Let’s face it, which other team has scored twice in two minutes! Not only that, but the seven goals were scored by seven different players, reaffirming the club’s magnificent seven. Soon after the game, Kevin De Bruyne was voted the best player of the Premier League. The Belgian has brought the team streets ahead of the clubs of Chelsea and Liverpool, making De Bruyne City’s strongest asset. The match also showed an impressive team play between De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus, scoring the fourth goal. Leroy Sane has also shined this season out of surprise when scoring the opening goal against Crystal Palace. Other stellar performances during the season came from Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Fabian Delph. Keep those names in mind when you decide to you’re your next bet, you won’t regret it and if you’re after some great bonuses, make sure to check for City’s best odds this week. 
Nevertheless, the recent games also showed that while the club has built an impressive attack, the absence of players such as Benjamin Mendy and Vincent Kompany due to injuries has left uncovered their left-back. City’s sole problem remains its defence, but this is not so much of a bother for the top scorers leading the team to an almost sure Premier League’s victory.