MCFC training report 23/03/2012

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 23 March 2012 13:34

MCFC training report 23/03/2012

First things first I hear there is a Legends game tonight at Platt Lane. It's a charity game (don't know the charity) but the first I heard of it was in the reception at Carrington today. 8pm kick off if you fancy seeing Andy Morrison, Andy Hinchcliffe, Mike Sheron, Jim Melrose, Nicky Summerbee and more.

Really warm, shirt sleeves and shorts weather but still plenty of players and coaches still with plenty of layers on..but not for long and only Mario stayed right through wearing a training top. As I went out with the regular Tevez entourage there was already one player out talking with Mancini and that was Mario. All the rest, minus Vinnie and Lescott, came out and milled around while they kept talking for quite a while. I got to wish Rekik and Scapuzzi good luck as they go to Pompey after today's training session. Mancini eventually came over and took the whole group away for a chat and some specific words as he organised the players into positions no doubt with Stoke in mind.

Plenty of exercises followed, and then keep ball circles and I noticed one City fan climbing into a tree to get a half decent view through the curtain when the players were close up to the fencing. Kolarov was trying to get a tan on his thighs as he wore his shorts very high!! It didn't catch on as others laughed a little. Overall a very relaxed atmosphere in the squad. Some passing games then before the game with headers only to score as long as 5 passes had been completed.

As ever Micah got a goal with a towering leap but there was also a goal for Barry and Costel or Massive as they seem to be calling him now. I think I noticed a snood with that on it. Milner seemed to like to call him Gigantor which was quite good. For his headed goal Micah had been shouting to get the cross into the big guy and when it came over he (massive) didn't even jump to win it!

After this work out the players from the Chelsea game finished and sat around in the sun while the rest played a game with 5 added from the EDS. MJ, Elabdellioui, Wabara, Helan and Suarez. The early goal came from a deflected shot from Mario which deflected over Stu then some great work from Mario saw him just shoot wide. Carlos equalised with a nice finish from a Milner pass and Hargreaves scored at the back post after a good move where Rekik had set Helan free down the left.

Another chance for Mario ended in a collision but the ball broke to AJ who did a Messi and dinked it over the keeper. Carlos scored a great acrobatic volleyed which pleased the watching players but it was ruled offside. Incorrectly according to Nigel who was constantly making his thoughts known. A ball broke to Mario about 10 yards out and he built himself up for a thunderbolt with a run up! Stu was delighted when it crashed into a post and went away.

Kolarov found Suarez unmarked about 12 yards out and he fiinshed very well before Edin was just wide with a good effort as the game ended. Good game, keenly contested and I am not sure who won! 6 stayed for some shooting practice in Edin, Mario, Owen plus Milner, Kolarov and Pizarro. I decided I had had enough and was rewarded seeing Mike Summerbee in reception to took the opportunity to say hello. Made my day.