Training report 23/09/2011

By Doug Higginbottom, Fri 23 September 2011 12:21

Training report 23/09/2011

Nice day at Carrington even though I was surrounded by photographers. Early to come out were Barry,Micah and Kolo for some special pictures which I believe were charity related (amnesty international I was told) Yaya not far behind and back in ordinary black boots I noticed.Interesting as they were all filing out and milling around in small groups that Hargreaves was in fairly constant action doing little runs and plenty of extra stretches on his own.

The only one missing was AJ and he was out a little later working hard with a physio so no real problems there.Bridge was brought over from the EDS training to make up numbers to 21 outfield players ( weird number I know)Rekik was back with the EDS today but Razak stayed.

Brian Kidd was in extra jovial mood today with his chat and telling all the cameras to leave early and go to the burger van for some lunch.All the usual jogs and stretches before a couple of keep ball circles.The best one to avoid was the one with Vinnie in as he was taking no prisoners when his turn came in the middle.Clichy wasnt far behind in his efforts to win the ball back.Then into the regular game with 2 pitches.One with full nets and one with small ones.Always fun this one and very congested as both pitches are small.

Only one goal I think throughout this exercise and I missed it as all the camera action on either side put me off.Must get my concentration right Aguero was goal hanging but Lescott basically sat on him to give him no chance. The 2 Toures played as keepers in the small nets making it virtually impossible for a goal to be scored.Ivan Carminati ran these sessions and regularly stopped the action for the players to do some key stretches.

Onto the game at the end of the session and very quickly Carlos scored a routine but well taken goal. Good to see CT as we know him best,working hard against all defenders and showing quick feet and very positive attitude on the ball.Joe Hart as ever shouting ,warning,praising his defenders and team and good to note that I could hear similar stuff from Panti.

Some great early moments in the game.Brilliant last minute tackle by Barry stopped Carlos scoring again before a lovely run and pass from Zaba found Aguero for a neat equaliser.Razak today had been given a wide left role for some reason. Clearly not what he is used to and I would say he struggled but I am sure he was given that job as part of his learning different roles.

A lovely pass from Hargreaves found Mario who clinically made it 2.1 before Aguero equally clinically (through some legs) scored to equalise again.One moment of frustration had Kolarov booting a ball over the fence towards the horse field behind.A few minutes later and Les Chapman was across the field under the fencing and searching the ball out! Just as Tevez was at it today I thought Kolo was as well and the whole session was becoming increasingly competitive.

A Hargreaves header just wide before Kidd announced golden goal time and the intensity got even higher.Milner went close as did Edin,Mario and maybe closest of all was Yaya but it would have been an OG.To be fair it was a gerat interception.Really good throughout this session to see Nigel all over the place and reminding how well he reads defensive situations with some great interceptions.Carlos thought he had set up the winner with some brilliant work on the right and a low cross inside the 6 yard box but nobody got a touch.Mancini then decided to call it a draw. Shame it was good fun to watch.

A few stayed out but no shooting practice today. Clichy receiving passes from Razak and firing crosses in to nobody) Kolo working with a coach on attacking headers. Aguero sitting down and then doing sit ups,Nigel chatting with the boss and that was it.