Opposition view: Everton

By Ric Turner, Thu 22 September 2011 12:26

Opposition view: Everton

Ahead of Saturday's encounter with Everton, Bluemoon caught up with some members from ToffeeTalk to get their views. Many thanks to Kee for arranging it.

How do you feel about City's wealth, especially given our own economic problems?

ftaylor: It's annoying to see teams buying success, especially when they are shooting past you in the table. Would I have Everton "sell their soul" to an Arab Sheik for a league title? No. Would I have them "sell their soul" so I could watch exceptional football every week (like you lot have been playing)? Absolutely.

Goodison Road: If I'm honest, I think just about everyone in the Premiership is envious of City. I think every club would love to be in their situation.

Scouse: Jealous of it, I wish we had a sugar daddy.

The Beard: If it happened to us, I don't think I would be worrying too much about us being despised by others. If you have it, flaunt it. It may not be the best for the game but that isn't the fault of fans of Man City. Enjoy it while you have it I say.

PeteO: I'd prefer teams to spend what they've earned, but most teams in the prem spend beyond their means.

What do you think of City's recent plans for their academy?

ftaylor: I have seen the plans and they look magnificent. Looks like you guys are building an empire which is a lot more intriguing than just buying players like Chelsea.

Goodison Road: Outstanding! And it will probably go a long way to helping city become self reliable. I know their Academy isnt too bad as it is, but you can see a lot of good players developing there once its done.

Scouse: I think it is great, a move in the right direction and unfortunately showing that the Arabs are around for the long haul.

The Beard: They look impressive. It helps having the money to be able to do that but if it enables home grown talent to flourish and you give them a chance then fair play.

PeteO: Stunning, but over the top. Liverpool academy was recently looking to reduce the size of their training academy as you don't really need that many pitches/facilities. I don't think it will help City unearth more gems, but help produce a lot of better players for the lower leagues.

What do you think about their current form and style of football?

ftaylor: Its fun to watch.

Goodison Road: Think their style of play has improved a hell of a lot from last year, largely down to the signings of Nasri and Aguero. I think last year they focused too much on Silva (creativity wise) and teams soon found that if you can keep him out of the game, they werent as much of a threat, but I think the way Mancini has got Aguero/Tevez linking with the midfield and Nasri with Silva in midfield, their creativity and attacking options have been great so far this season..... hopefully they wont be so good on Saturday though!

Scouse: It is enjoyable to watch, as it's attacking football, however you may come unstuck against the bigger teams.

The Beard: Look to be playing less cautious and more attacking. If that continues it will deflect from the 'money' issue. I still feel that you will tonk the lower clubs with 3s and 4s but may struggle to win the crunch games only through others knowing how to grind out the 1-0 wins when they matter.

PeteO: Awful tbh, very predictable and far too defensive when Yaya, de Jong and Barry play. de Jong injury is a blessing in disguise and Nasri is a great signing. Too reliant on the class of the forward thinking players to break down teams on their own. That extra class is great for breaking down the smaller sides, as Utd seem to be so good at steam rolling results they ultimately didn't deserve, but you need to work as a better unit to compete against the top half teams.

Is Mancini the right manager to guide them in the English game?

ftaylor: Don't know.

Goodison Road: Yes. I think when he first came to the EPL, he was far too defensive as most Italians are, and people questioned his ability, but I think he has gradually started building the team from hard to beat, into a very technically gifted team.

Scouse: Seems to be, he is doing more right than wrong.

The Beard: Well he seems to have got his act together so far this year. If he is playing a more attacking game then when he needs the more defensive approach, say holdong on to a 1-0 against the likes of Man Utd, Chelsea or even us then his Italian approach may be invaluable. If he doesn't get you in the top two this year then he may find himself out of the door.

PeteO: No, reasons above.

Do you have any City players in your Fantasy Football team?

ftaylor: Aguero, Silva - dropped Dzeko only because his fantasy value is going down.

Goodison Road: Aguero, Kompany and Hart.

Scouse: 3 Lescott, Silva and Dzeko tho the latter may be gone soon!

The Beard: In the Barclays Fantasy League I have Hart, Silva and recently brought in Aguerro and lo and behold last week I got my biggest score so far this season. I can see them staying with me most of the season.

PeteO: Kompany and Silva

Which City player is going to be the biggest threat during our match?

ftaylor: Silva

Goodison Road: Silva, Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko, Nasri, Johnson. Any of them, depending on who plays.

Scouse: Aguero, he looks to be a great signing and Silva is playing great.

The Beard: Silva and Aguerro definately.

PeteO: Silva, best player in the league this calendar year.

Which City players would you like at Everton?

ftaylor: I think the only positions we are stronger at are left back (baines) and holding mid (fellaini- on his day, not on current form. I do think De Jong is an excellent player)

Goodison Road: Tevez,Aguero and Silva........ Realistically? Maybe Adam Johnson on loan? Always been a big fan.

Scouse: Most of them!! To be fair I would take any of your strikers and Silva. Realistic signings for us would be Johnson and Milner.

The Beard: The two above, I've always liked Milner, Johnson would have been a good loanee, Kompany has come on leaps and bounds and Hart will be England's number one for years. Sod it just give us your bench.

PeteO: Silva, Aguero, Nasri and Kompany

How do you view the relationship between Everton and City fans?

ftaylor: Don't think we like each other much in general- seems silly really but thats the general mood I have seen on BM and TT.

Goodison Road: I dont mind them, but I think the Lescott deal did leave a bitter taste with a lot of Evertonians. I personally have a lot of friends who are City fans, no problems what so ever.

Scouse: So so, not good or bad to be honest.

The Beard: Mostly fine but like most games between sides from the cities there is the underlying element of aggression.

PeteO: Didn't really know much of the City fans till the takeover, and then the annoying Chelsea fans popped out. I'd always sided with utd to piss the Kopites off. The fans who went St. Crispins were a great lot, but in the avg. boozer in manc city fans are disgusting.

Are there similarities between our two clubs?

ftaylor: Not a whole lot IMO.

Goodison Road: Obviously, we both lurk in our rivals red shadows, us more so than you, and we have a great history. But I think that's now where the similarities end after your takeover.

Scouse: Not as much as there used to be with you growing so much but living in the shadow of your big brother playing in red is the obvious one!

The Beard: Blue v Red, sleeping giants for too long, both had the experience of being 'money bags', although you current situation at present dwarfs our standing in the game in the 60's and 70's when we known as the Mersey Millionaires.

PeteO: Only that are rivals wear red. Annoys me that we get palmed off as skivvies to a giant when we are the 4th most successful team in England and longest standing in the top flight.

How would you feel if City were to win the Premiership?

ftaylor: Like to see you guys pay your dues a little more but it seems inevitable in the next couple years.

Goodison Road: Wouldn't mind it, don't really care who wins the league, just care about where we finish and the teams around us.

Scouse: Wouldn't be bothered to be honest, I would've hated it under Hughes as I disliked his approach to everything but I don't mind Mancini.

The Beard: Fine by me, may be good for the stanglehold of Man Utd/ Chelsea and even Arsenal to loosen. Whether it is good for the game in the long term who knows but as I said earlier as fans if money brings you success why worry.

PeteO: If Everton finished top 4 I wouldn't give a shit. Rather a team who's already won it though as SSN would be shit if City won and will hate the extra 'fans' that will switch from their local teams.

What will the final score be on the 24th?

ftaylor: I can't see anything other than a pasting for us. But then again I thought we would lose the last 4 fixtures against City too.

Goodison Road: We have a great record at your place, but I remember last year thinking to myself whether we had enough to carry on the record and I wasn't sure, but I think you're looking really impressive this year and we will probably get beat, but I'm hopeful of a 1-1 draw, especially after the Fulham result.

Scouse: 1 - 0 Everton - we seem to always do well against you.

The Beard: 2-1, either way. Head and heart ruling together.

PeteO: If Moyes goes for it 2-0. If Moyes is defensive and Mancini goes all out, City will embarrass us.